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This is the first of a new weekly article where I plan to give you the fans 10 happenings wither they be rumors, opinions or facts about the wrestling business. Everything is up for grabs WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor, NXT and the independent circuit as well. These 10 things are in no particular order so throw everyone out of the ring, and let’s start the 10 Count!

In what some are calling a strange happening, especially with the timing of the match, this Monday on Raw Roman Reigns will face off against Jinder Mahal just 6 days before their scheduled match at Money In The Bank. The match will more than likely end with a disqualification involving Samir Sing, but the timing of the match may lend itself to a stipulation possibly being added to the match.

Speaking of the Money In The Bank event this Sunday, a noticeable absence is Jeff Hardy. He has not been on Smackdown Live in a couple weeks and is not scheduled to have a match at MITB. It is because he is dealing with an injury. Sources are saying that Hardy has a pinched nerve and is being given time to recuperate by WWE.

On this weekend’s episode of “Drop The Mic,” fans will be treated to a slugfest between several women on the WWE roster against four actresses who have made their mark on the hit Netflix show, “Glow.” Brie and Nikki Bella will be joined by SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Carmella and Alicia Fox in a rap battle against actresses Kate Nash, Jackie Tohn, Sunita Mani and Britney Young on “Drop the Mic,” airing this Sunday at 10:30pm ET on TBS. In addition to the WWE women vs the women of Glow, fellow WWE superstar Chris Jericho will also do battle against Laila Ali on Sunday.

So, when will we see Rey Mysterio in WWE? Most of you saw New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion show (more on that event later) where Rey worked a six man tag team match. So like with any big name who doesn’t seem to have a home in any one company his name is now surfacing as someone the WWE is interested in. I am told the WWE is interested, but that he will not appear regularly on any WWE programming until he finishes with his other commitments. Those commitments include a match at TripleMania in August, so if we see him in WWE it will be after that.

Wrestling and NASCAR are coming together this weekend. Have you ever listened to the podcast Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard? Have you ever watched the NASCAR Xfinity Series? Well, now the two are coming together in the form of a sponsorship as the Something To Wrestle podcast is going to be on the rear quarter-panel of the #39 car driven by Ryan Sieg. Saturday’s LTI Printing 250 at Michigan International Speedway inclement weather forced a restart on Lap 89 of a scheduled 125, but the race ended under caution two laps later when rain pelted the asphalt, not to mention the event started three hours late. Sieg is currently 15th in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Standings he has managed 1 top ten finish so far in the young 2018 season.

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Why have we not seen Sanity on the Smackdown Live main roster even though they were drafted to the roster in the Superstar shake-up? I am being told there is trademark issues. I am sure exactly what issues there could be, but I do think it is a good thing for the 3 man group because if WWE is this concerned, then they must be planning a merchandise line for them and therefore it is likely they will receive a big push upon arrival. But, they did wrestle in two dark matches this week in Texas against Gallows and Anderson, so they could possibly interfere in their match against the Bludgeon Brothers and at the next pay-per-view event, which is Extreme Rules, they could be involved in a triple threat match. That would be right down Sanity’s alley.

Impact is Jericho! Chris Jericho made several big Impacts this weekend. He did so in a ring in Japan, but his biggest announcement may have been this announcement about the Jericho Cruise.

Does this mean that Callihan, Jericho and Ring of Honor may all be working together? Jericho is one of my favorites, and if he is now on board with Impact, then I will be on board with Impact.

Later this month the WWE will be heading to the UK to film the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. They officially named a General Manager for this tournament, long time respected UK wrestler Johnny Saint. In the WWE’s official press release they said Saint would be the General Manager of the UK brand. Why would they call it the UK brand? This is fueling tons of different rumors. I would like to see the WWE make this tournament into a one hour show much like 205 Live (we cover 205 live every week, here is our newest article on the show). I would also like for the WWE to drop 205 Live from the Smackdown Live tour and combine these 2 shows (205 Live and the UK show) at smaller arenas with smaller ticket prices. Let me also make a prediction here. In order to ignite this show, WWE will need a big name to be the champion and to challenge the winner of the afore mentioned tournament. The WWE has a wrestler who walked off a live Raw show because he did not like the direction creative was giving him. But, he is signed to a WWE contract and WWE has frozen his contract. In other words, he is sitting at home, not getting paid and not allowed to wrestle for any other organization. I think the WWE has already talked to Neville and he will be the face for this new brand.

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At New Japan Pro Wrestling last night the event had 6 championship matches where 5 titles changed hands. The event took place in Osaka-Jo Hall and the man we have mentioned a ton of times in this article, Chris Jericho became the new Intercontinental Champion to capture his 10th IC title is his long and distinguished career.

Lastly, we have the highlights of the UFC 225 from Saturday night where CM Punk suffered yet another loss in the octagon. When you watch the highlights below it will clearly show that Jackson was basically playing with Punk. It looked like Jackson could have finished Punk whenever he wanted to. We had an article here on cleatgeeks yesterday where Dana White said in his press conference prior to UFC 225 what would happen to CM Punk should he lose this fight. Now, if Punk wants to make a fool of his 39 year old self in an octagon, I could care less. But, the problem I have with this whole Punk UFC, WWE situation is that Punk complained that he did not like part time wrestlers coming into WWE and taking the place of a real wrestler who work hard at house shows and have talent only because they had a household name. Yet Punk is now doing the same thing in the UFC. My problem with Punk is that he is a hypocrite.






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