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Smack Down Live rolled into Corpus Christi, Texas this week as the roster gets prepared for Money In The Bank next weekend in Chicago. The Corpus Christi crowd was electric on Tuesday evening & the WWE superstars did not disappoint. Carmella began the show with an extremely confident speech about how much better she is than Asuka. Carmella showed two video montages, the first chronicled Asuka’s assent in NXT & then her instant success on the main roster. This seemed like Carmella was trying to build up her opponent, but the next video she showed chronicled Asuka’s recent failures. The video even made it seem like Asuka had lost to Mandy Rose last week. It seems that Carmella has thoroughly convinced herself that she is better than Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow would emerge to confront Carmella, but some familiar faces also emerged:

I felt this was a pretty strong opening segment & I think it definitely kept most viewers through the first commercial break to see this match begin. The match itself was entertaining, but there was some sloppy moves toward the end:

This was only the beginning of the Smack Down women’s division matches on Tuesday evening. Becky Lynch squared off against Charlotte Flair in a very competitive match. This contest was meant to be a small preview of the competition level that will be on display next Sunday in the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match:

I’d say this was a surprising, but well deserved victory for Becky. There were no hard feelings between the two women before or afterwards. Lynch commented backstage about the momentum she gained as she gears up for the upcoming ladder match:

“Becky Got Bank” might not be a T-shirt anytime soon because unfortunately, I think WWE sees her as such a solid worker that she doesn’t need the briefcase to get herself over, like Carmella did. WWE has given Carmella the attention magnet James Ellsworth, the Money In The Bank briefcase, & now the Smack Down women’s title to keep her relevant. Becky’s kept herself relevant after losing the belt in her only title run. I would love to see Lynch win the briefcase because I think it would be a great moment of recognition for her as a force on this roster. Plus, her entrance theme is absolutely perfect for a briefcase cash in moment.

The women’s action continued as Lana teamed with Aiden English to face the married team of Jimmy Uso & Naomi. There was no “dance off” this week (thank God), just a non-Facebook Watch version of a Mixed Match Challenge:

English is seen grabbing his throat here, after the kick from Jimmy…..does this spell an end or temporary pause to the vocal stylings of Aiden English? Perhaps.

In a throwback to the old pre-Attitude Era WWF days, Renee Young summoned her inner Gene Okerlund & conducted an off set interview with Big Cass near the stage entrance area, inside the arena. This brought back some great memories from my childhood, watching “WWF Superstars” on Saturday mornings:

Aside from the nostalgia aspect, Cass had a very good promo here. He has done the brunt of the heavy lifting in this feud with Daniel Bryan…..or as Cass called him, “a garden gnome on Total Bellas.”  Ouch.  That “garden gnome” line must have infuriated Bryan because he issued this retort for Cass online:


Smack Down Live also featured another throwback idea this past Tuesday, a BACKSTAGE (pre-taped) contract signing. The segment featured Smack Down Live General Manager Paige, WWE Champion A.J. Styles & the low blow artist, Shinsuke Nakamura:

I love Nakamura’s new identity & his mind games. Styles is playing the perfect opposite to Nakamura’s cool, calculated antagonisms but I think the situation would be perfect if it was Shinsuke who was the champion & Styles had become irate at the mind games while chasing after the title. But this works for me too so hopefully there are more of these moments between Styles & Nakamura.


From thought out mind games to well, just plain goofy I give to you The Miz & The New Day……

Uh yeah, so now that we got that out of the way the night’s main event featured a 6 man tag between The New Day versus Rusev, Samoa Joe, & The Miz. If you thought the end of that previous segment was funny, then make sure you’re ready for the finish of this match. It’s a knee slapper!

Oh wow, it hurts to laugh that hard! He…with the pancake……then they…..oh, its too much. Seriously though, the match was good, as expected with these 6 ring veterans. Heck, Rusev is the one with the least amount of experience is this group. Pretty crazy if you think about it.


To wrap up this week’s Smack Down Live episode, Karl Anderson faced Luke Harper in singles’ action, with each other’s teammate at ringside:

An unusual win for Anderson, but somewhat expected given the set up. Also somewhat expected is the future loss he & Gallows will have to The Bludgeon Brothers at Money In The Bank. What really sucks for both teams involved in that match next Sunday, is that their match will probably be a complete afterthought by the end of the pay-per-view. Hopefully, they prove me wrong.

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