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205 Live opened up with a video package showcasing the incredible Cruiserweight championship match from last week that featured Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy. The video concludes with Drake Maverick saying this show will have Lince Dorado vs The Brian Kendrick and Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy. It was a very good video package that the main roster should incorporate more of as Drake Maverick and the B-roll footage is making it feel like can’t miss TV.

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The show opened with Lince Dorado vs The Brian Kendrick. Lucha House Party accompanied Dorado while Drew Gulak backed Kendrick but ultimately went to commentary for the second week in a row to the pleasure of all watching. I’m unsure if Lucha House Party is supposed to be faces or heels with those annoying noisemakers they use throughout the match. The match picks up towards the end when Dorado hits a suicide dive through the ropes and hits Kendrick. The two get back into the ring and Lince Dorado hits a springboard cutter for the victory. Drew Gulak attacks Lince Dorado after the match before getting chased out of the ring by the remaining members of Lucha House Party. The addition of Gulak in the Lucha House Party and Brian Kendrick/Jack Gallagher feud has given it a new life.

Next, we see some more highlights of the Cruiserweight Title match from last week, which I highly advise seeing if you have not already, since the storytelling was awesome throughout the match. We see Mustafa Ali taping his wrists in the locker room and cuts a promo about being hungry to prove he deserves an opportunity for a Cruiserweight Title match. Felt a little different as Ali breaks the fourth wall and spoke in the third person at one point. The promo was decent and different, and that’s something I can appreciate.

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We go back to the ring as we get our next match between TJP and Brian Keith. TJP grabs a microphone and says that this isn’t the type of competition the first cruiserweight champion deserves while he is attacking Keith. TJP says another GM on a different brand might appreciate him better and calls himself the best technical wrestler and says he might be available soon to other brands and forces Bryan Keith to tap out. Another new way to tell a story and it is fun to watch.

We see a vignette of Lio Rush sitting in a fancy office and says that “It’s only a matter of time before 205 feels the Rush” as the camera pans out with stacks of money on the desk. For those of you unfamiliar to Lio Rush, he has the potential to be a big player at only 23-years-old in the division and will only get better from here.

It is announced that next week will have a six-man tag match pitting the Lucha House Party against The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, & Jack Gallagher before we get set for the main event of the evening: Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy.

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I will always be a fan of Ali’s entrance, looking like Scorpio from Mortal Kombat. Buddy Murphy is seen talking to Tony Nese backstage before Dasha Fuentes asked  if his loss last week will hinder him tonight. Nese says it will be moronic and Murphy says he is going to prove that you can’t stop the unstoppable.

The match itself is great, Buddy Murphy’s stock continues to rise from forgotten former NXT Tag Team Champion to main eventer on 205 Live. This match lasted around ten minutes and was fun to watch with some cool moves, including a frog splash from Ali while Murphy was stuck in the ropes. Mustafa Ali feels like a 205 Live version of Seth Rollins with his gear, athleticism, and how he is able to get the crowd on his side quickly through his matches. The match hit its peak with Mustafa Ali hitting an X-Factor on the ring apron- which surprisingly commentary did not mention was the hardest part of the ring-  for the nearfall. The crowd started a “this is awesome” chant during the match. Buddy Murphy threw Ali from outside the ring to the corner and Ali caught himself on the middle rope and countered with an AMAZING tornado DDT.

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Mustafa Ali then threw Buddy Murphy back into the ring and climbs to the top rope when Hideo Itami comes from out of nowhere and begins to attack Ali, causing this match to end in a no contest. Itami turned his focus on Murphy and hit a dropkick on Murphy in the corner and continued to attack both men and stand tall with both men down, fun little thing to note was road agent Adam Pierce popping up in the ring with referees to check on both Murphy and Ali. Itami yelled “respect me” when standing tall and the idea that we can see Hideo Itami as a big-name player in the main event feud is intriguing.

Well, there are my thoughts on this week’s 205 Live. Make sure to look for this article every week and tell me your thoughts on Twitter @VinPensabene.


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