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3 Impacts From Impact

A lot went down on this past Thursday’s Impact, but overall, what was the most stunning moment? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The show kicked off with video of Sami Callihan brutally beating down Impact executive and announcer Don Callis at an event in Canada, with the attack coming after Callis interjected himself during a match between Sami and Eddie Edwards. Callis threw in the towel to protect Eddie, which prompted the attack at a later show. Throughout most of the show, Josh Mathews (working solo) gave updates regarding a meeting of Impact officials, as they were discussing firing Sami. They would have done so, if it wasn’t for Eddie Edwards himself, who actually begged them not to fire Sami. Eddie was not done with Sami, and he wanted to finish him off once and for good after everything he and the rest of oVe had done to him. The powers that be acquiesced, under one condition, telling Eddie that whatever he does with Sami, “don’t do it here.” Wow! So many possibilities regarding how this war may end!

Grado made his return to Impact, and he wasn’t the only one, as he had a new love interest in the form of Katarina. If you recognize Katrina, it’s because that nearly eight years ago, she debuted on Impact as the villainous Winter, originally appearing as a vision to Angelina Love before actually appearing to her while coming to her aid. During her original stint in Impact, Winter acted cordial to Angelina and Velvet Sky, but she was secretly attempting to drive a wedge in between them. Her evil plan worked, and it eventually led to Angelina turning heel and cementing her alliance with Winter, who went on to capture the Knockouts Championship twice. Having returned under her real first name and in a rare babyface role, Katarina was at ringside as Grado defeated Rohit Raju, and she embraced Grado following her victory. I do love this new angle with Katarina and Grado. Now how long until she turns on him?

Eli Drake cashed in his Feast or Fired opportunity in the main event, something he announced he was going to do a week prior. Of course, Austin Aries still had an obligatory rematch, but he was shown wishing Eli good luck in his attempt to regain the World Title. Despite his drive, Eli was unsuccessful in dethroning Pentagon Jr., and with Slammiversary on the horizon, one has to believe that A-Double’s rematch will come at that event. If so, the weeks leading up to the event should deliver a good build to the PPV’s main event.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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