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Straight Up Smack Down London


Amid the opening chants on Tuesday night for “Rusev Day,” the London crowd in the O2 Arena would not see Rusev Day in the flesh. All they got was a backstage segment with both Rusev & Aiden English, but that segment included a surprise guest: a semi-Americanized sounding Lana……

The only explanation for this semi-metamorphosis is…..Total Divas.  C.J. sounds exactly like an American would sound when she’s on Total Divas, but her WWE persona of Lana apparently needs a slow burn toward complete Americanization. Here’s a better example of this transformation, where the accent sounds nearly completely absent:

Well, the point lost on all of this is that Lana has a Money In The Bank qualifying match next week against Billie Kay. Here is Billie Kay, joined by Peyton Royce, to add both of their two cents (is that four cents total?) to the announcement of next week’s qualifying match:

However, we did have a women’s qualifying match this week in London….Paige told both Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville that they would face Becky Lynch in a Money In The Bank qualifying match, but this would not be a handicap match stipulation. This would be a triple threat match, with the winner earning a spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match:

Good for Lynch, this would be a great career step for her if she could secure the briefcase in her upcoming ladder match. As for Absolution, the fact that both Rose & Deville have separate entrances now plus the much foreseen altercations between both Sonya & Mandy in this match should be the split that seemed likely.

The biggest women’s news on Smack Down Live came about during Carmella’s “Royal Mellabration” when the champ was confronted by General Manager Paige, who informed Carmella of her opponent in the title match at Money In The Bank:

This is obviously the tip of the iceberg for this program & I fully expect Carmella to carry the larger portion of on mic hype to their match. She’s naturally gifted for that & Asuka is still working on it. Getting better, but still working on it.

Missing from that last video was the part where the crowd chanted for Paige “this is your house.” They actually should have chanted that for their WWE champion & Smack Down Live house construction foreman, A.J. Styles:

Shinsuke finally gets a win on Styles here, but no word on what his decision for the stipulation in the championship match at Money In The Bank yet.


While there was no SAnitY debut this week, we were treated to an Andrade Cien Almas with Zelina Vega debut. He faced London’s own, Jake Constantino. No, not Constantino!  What would Almas come up with to defeat Constantino?

“Double Knees in the Corner”?  His knees hit Jake’s shoulders….Jake caught Andrade’s junk to the face more than anything. I’m very happy that Almas & Vega are now on the scene.  They have so much potential as a team.


Daniel Bryan received an incredible reception from the London faithful, as he attempted to do an interview with Renee Young. At first it was the crowd that almost would not allow Young’s interview to proceed, as chants of “Daniel Bryan” & “Yes!” bellowed through the O2. Then Cass appeared to contest much of what Bryan had just said:

Interesting that Cass changed his vocabulary to refer to the Montreal person as now a “little person” & not a M-word. The crowd just ate this up. Their hero, Bryan, finally got the upper hand on Cass.


There was a men’s Money In The Bank qualifying match on Tuesday night as well, but this match was a little different. The New Day squared off against The Bar & the stipulation was that the winning team could decide who goes to Money In The Bank & who does not.

The New Day wins, as Xavier gets the pinfall. Now they will have to decide on which member gives them the best chance to win…….

Lastly we received word that Samoa Joe would face Cass next week to round up the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Samoa Joe had this to say to Cass about next week:

Strong words in another great promo by Joe. This should be a great match next week & we’ll finally have some clarity on who’s in the big match at Money In The Bank.


Until next week, thanks for reading!

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