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3 Impacts From Impact

The last Impact was full of surprises and shocks, but what moment was the most shocking? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Have we seen the last of Rosemary?! The main event saw Su Yung and Rosemary clash in a grudge match stemming from the previous week, with Rosemary telling Allie to stay away before her battle against the Suicide Bride. Speaking of that moniker, a group of “Suicide Bridesmaids” appeared and assisted Su in taking down the Demon Assassin, as Rosemary was apparently placed in a casket, while the bridesmaids held Allie at bay. Su is clearly not done with Allie, as was made clear on the previous week, and she may get another shot at the Knockouts Championship very soon. But the question remains: is this the last we’ve seen of Rosemary?

Elsewhere in the Knockouts Division, the evil Tessa Blanchard continued to make quite a sinister impact, beginning with interrupting Kiera Hogan’s interview. Kiera stood up to the self-proclaimed “diamond,” telling her to watch as she fights in the ring, because watching is all Tessa knows how to do. Tessa was fuming over Kiera’s words, and it was during Kiera’s match against Taya Valkyrie that Tessa resurfaced and went after Kiera, leading to an all out brawl. Tessa was on the winning end of the brawl. Tessa’s message was very clear:  she wants the Knockouts Championship, and she feels that her name alone is worthy of that.

The saga involving Eddie Edwards saw Tommy Dreamer attempt to talk him down from the rage he had been unleashing since Redemption. Eddie had been the target of oVe for a long while, with wife Alisha also being part of their deranged agenda. We saw what happened at Redemption; Eddie let Sami Callihan have it, but in the process, he accidentally struck Alisha. He later beat down a bedridden Sami, and the latest Impact saw Tommy Dreamer attempt to save him from himself. However, Eddie still appears to be hellbent on physically taking down oVe, and time will tell whether or not he succeeds.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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