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Brandon Puts Another Notch In His Belt

I am sure that San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt has a few baseballs on his mantle and a few autographs hanging on his wall. He now has a pretty cool record he accomplished on Sunday afternoon, but I am not sure how, or if he will want to memorialize it.

those plans. He set the record for the longest at-bat in Major League Baseball’s modern era. Belt dragged out a 21-pitch at-bat against Los Angeles Angels pitcher Jaime Barria. That broke the previous record, which was held by Ricky Gutierrez, who turned in a 20-pitch at-bat in 1998. Who was the pitcher Gutierrez faced that day? Funny you should ask, because he is still playing today, Bartolo Colón.

As you might expect, a 21-pitch at-bat takes a fair amount of time.Roughly 13 minutes elapsed during Belt’s at-bat. How did the battle between batter and pitcher end? A home run? A strike out? After 21 tries someone did something special right…….right? Not really, the at bat ended in a harmless fly ball to the outfield.

But, after seeing a ton of pitches in his first at bat, he did go 3-5 on the afternoon with a home run helping his team to a victory and series win.

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