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The 4 F’s (Feuds, Finishes, Factions & Free Agents); Finishes Part 2

The 4F’s: Finishes (Part Two)


Welcome back to the squared circle and the corner called The 4F’s and the continuation of the finishes of Wrestlemania 34. I broke this up into two articles because I did not want the article to cause a count out on my readers and it was already longer than Santino Marella’s appearance in the 2009 Royal Rumble. Let’s leave the “gorilla” position and make our way down the aisle to finish the Wrestlemania 34 breakdown.


The Ugly:


John Cena vs The Undertaker


I am going to start this off saying that I like both The Undertaker and John Cena and both of their careers have been stellar and have had some great matches in the past. With Cena failing to grab the “brass ring” and earn a match on the card for Wrestlemania he tries to make his own by calling out The Undertaker?? This just was not going to be good for either one of them. I will give props to Cena for giving The Undertaker a “squash match” to make things look good but I would have really appreciated remembering Taker from last year even with the loss to Reigns. Taker looked slow running across the ring and when he went to give the boot to Cena, there was so much daylight between Taker’s boot and Cena, you would have thought it was noontime. The only part I think that was “sold” perfectly was when Cena was going for the 5-knuckle shuffle and Taker sat up and Cena put the brakes on. This whole match was not worth it being on the card and the only reason that I can think of why this was on the card was due to the story of the Cena / Bella breakup coming out.




Smackdown Tag Team Championship Triple Treat


The repackaging of Harper and Rowan as The Bludgeon Brothers has been comical and really not necessary. Leaving them, as Harper and Rowan would have served a purpose without giving them the moniker of The Bludgeon Brothers, because they could have been just as brutal without it. Like I brought up in my first article about The Uso’s and New Day feuds being what has been needed to bring back the tag team feuds of past back, but adding The Bludgeon Brothers into it just did not give it any more life. What should have been done was left it a team vs team match and have a contenders match prior to Wrestlemania. This match got out of hand and became ridiculous to follow other than the viciousness of Harper and Rowan. If the goal was to give the tag straps to them make them earn it team against team. There was nothing special or remarkable with this match other than the tag straps going to Harper and Rowan.


This Wrestlemania left a lot to be desired with some of these finishes and title changes or retentions. There were some good parts and some surprises to this event that I am very interested to see how they develop over the next few weeks and especially with the Raw / Smackdown Superstar shake up happening. I am very curious to see where they take the career of Rousey and who they will put her up against next. While I was really excited for the Styles / Nakamura match and was not disappointed with it, I was shocked to see the heel turn at the end because I totally did not see it coming. I think that this will be good for the development of Nakamura and for the last few years I have been saying this is what Cena’s career needs to do, just look what it did for Hogan when he did it. Well I have been given the “Go Home” cue and I do not want to be put on the back burner for staging a “curtain call” so just remember this, break the hold before the count of 5 and to kick out before the count of 3.



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