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The 4 F’s (Feuds, Finishes, Factions & Free Agents); Finishes Part 1

The 4F’s: Finishes (Part One)

Well for those of us that are true fans of the wrestling world we had our Super Bowl weekend last weekend with WrestleMania. There were some great matches and some of the finishes were great but there were some that left us shaking our heads. For being on the “GRANDEST” stage of all time I think that some of these matches missed their mark with the finishes and it left us either wanting more from the matches or just a simple explanation on why. Like my first article covered feuds and the WWE missing the mark by not having noteworthy feuds, some of the finishes really just did not cut the mustard. So let’s breakdown some of these matches and their finishes from the good, the bad and the ugly, and try to understand them a little bit better.


The Good:


Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat

The triple threat for the IC strap between The Miz, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins proved to be an awesome match and from the weeks prior to WrestleMaina, you could see that this match was going to be a barnburner. These three competitors left their hearts and souls in the ring for all of the fans. In the weeks just prior to WrestleMania, this match had some awesome chemistry and it carried over to WrestleMania. These three have great chemistry together and apart from the trio. Whether it is Balor vs Rollins, Rollins vs The Miz or Balor vs The Miz, the match will never disappoint the fans and it was seen in this triple threat match. I think the bookers got it right when they had The Miz send the Miztourage back to the backstage area. This allowed this match to give the stellar performance that it was hyped up to be and to opening WrestleMania was a good call, in my mind. There were incredible high spots and moves in this match to the point it really did not matter who would win because all three of them performed one of the best matches in their careers. With Rollins winning the IC strap and becoming the latest grand slam champion is a finish that fans can live with. The rematch between Rollins and The Miz will be awesome but you can also count on Balor looking to take the IC strap away from Rollins.




Smackdown Women’s Championship


Charlotte Flair and Asuka showed that the women’s division could put on just as good of a show as the men’s division. The “Queen” and the “Empress” proved that they were on their game on this night. Flair, with her heritage of being the daughter of Ric Flair and Asuka’s undefeated streak proved that these two women would put it all on the line in the squared circle and that the winner would reign ultimately. This match started off with a fast pace and they each showed that neither one was going to back down from this challenge. When watching this match it was hard to tell early on if Flair could match Asuka’s striking and her ability to a very formidable challenger for her title. There were times that I saw vintage Ric Flair in some of the moves that Charlotte did to weaken Asuka down. Asuka proved to be a very worthy opponent to Flair and probably one of her best offensive moves was when she caught Flair in the triangle submission as Flair went for the moonsault. The emotions that each of these women shown proved that they deserved to be on the grandest stage of all time. Even though Asuka was handed her first defeat, this match finished strong and left the fans wanting and waiting for their next meeting.


The Bad:


Bryan / McMahon vs Owens / Zane Tag Team Match


It was two years since Daniel Bryan was in the squared circle and fans have been waiting with baited breath to see him back in a WWE ring competing. With the way things were going with the “Yep” movement and how he was in the corner of Owens and Zane when Shane was always getting involved in their matches. Then comes the announcement of Bryan being cleared for in ring competition then the attack by Owens and Zane prompting this match. There was nothing that made this match what it should have or could have been for his first match in two years. The only big memorable moment in this match was how Shane went coast to coast while hurt from not only taking on both Owens and Zane but from his health condition prior to Wrestlemania. Having Bryan lay on the mat while Shane took all of this punishment really did nothing much for the excitement of the match or the return of Daniel Bryan to the ring. Even though they got the win, the whole match left something to be desired for the return of Daniel Bryan after two years away from in ring action.


U.S. Championship Fatal Four Way


This match was better suited as just the triple threat match between Randy Orton, Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal. Adding Rusev to this match added nothing, especially with Aiden English added to the ringside mix with Sunil Singh just allowed for bad booking. There were no real memorable spots to the match, I mean unless you did not know that there would be RKOs outta nowhere happening (but then you would have had to be living under a rock for the last few years…Hahaha). Seeing Jinder win the U.S. Championship strap was no real highlight to this match and I really believe that this match missed the mark that it should have had.


The Universal Championship


Now the only reason that this one is getting put into the bad category is the fact that this whole match ended on one of the sourest notes of the night. Now I am not a fan of Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, but I would have rather seen Reigns win the match than keep the Universal strap on Lesnar because it is time for Lesnar to go back to the UFC. In the weeks prior I had to agree with Reigns about Lesnar getting special treatment and only working part time. Now I know that was The Undertaker’s MO for the last part of his career but when he held a title he at least showed up weekly for TV and each PPV. But as of late Lesnar has only been showing up for the major PPV for the big paydays. The match was going to be brutal for both of them because they each had some type of hate towards each other, and they had gotten the best of each other in the weeks prior to WrestleMania. This match showed that they each had a huge distain for each other and Reigns wanted to get rid of Lesnar desperately. Now fast forward towards the close of the match and where I am sure it was not necessarily planned this way but I am sure that there were no repercussions for Lesnar causing Reigns to get “color” seeing as the WWE is now in the PG era and getting “color” is something of the past. The elbow strikes that Lesnar laid in to Reigns with were brutal and caused him to get decent “color” that has not been a part of matches in sometime. Now the last time that Lesnar did this was when he faced Orton and caused Orton to get staples to close up the gash on his head. When Reigns had the “crimson mask” in typical classic Samoan fashion and he was getting fired up at Lesnar and was delivering the spear viciously and as he went for the second one only to get caught in the F5 and not kick out was a bad finish. I am sure because Reigns had “color” they were given the “go home” cue to keep the “color” from being a huge part of the victory. So to pay the tribute to the Samoan history with Reigns facial expression and then to have him to the “job” to the part time talent is why this match is in the bad category.



Well, I have been given the “Go Home” cue and will continue this in part two breaking down the “Ugly” matches of Wrestlemania 34. Now I want you all to remember this is coming from someone who has been watching and studying wrestling since 1984 and most of this is my opinions on the business. Not everyone will see things as I do but giving it a different perspective allows for new opinions to be formed and gives new light to things that one may not have thought about before. Until the next time remember, break the hold before the count of 5 and to kick out before the count of 3.



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