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The 4 F’s (Feuds, Finishes, Factions & Free Agents)

The 4F’s (Feuds, Finishes, Factions & Free Agents)


I would like to welcome you to my corner of the “squared circle” that I will cover like the title states, the 4F’s. Before I make my way down the “ramp” and to the ring just a little about myself. I have been watching wrestling since 1984 when Hogan won the belt from The Iron Sheik through the Monday Night Wars to the fall of the WCW and ECW to them all becoming a part of the WWE. I have found a new love in the wrestling world with the “Indie” scene here in Michigan and I follow many of the local promotions in the greater Detroit area and have grown to love the “Indie” scene just as much as I do watching the WWE.

 Back in the day the feuds were what fueled the fans to fill the seats, watch the shows and take it from “wrasslin” to wrestling

With my first article I would like to discuss feuds or the lack of feuds which I believe the WWE is missing. Those of us that are fans of professional wrestling look forward to the principals of wrestling with the feuds and finishes, but I believe that as of late the feuds and finishes have become lack lustered and just do not catch the fans eyes like they did back in the day. Lately the finishes have become predictable and leave the fans wanting more from the WWE. Back in the day the feuds were what fueled the fans to fill the seats, watch the shows and take it from “wrasslin” to wrestling (I truly hate the phrase sports entertainment). Some of the great examples of feuds would be the feuds involving the 4 Horsemen against Dusty Rhodes and anyone else that they felt like “beating up.” Other feuds that come to mind are the Rock n Roll Express versus the Midnight Express (any incarnation); The Russians, Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Krusher Krushev versus The Road Warriors. There are so many more that can be listed that were great but this is where I feel the WWE misses the bus.



When AJ Styles showed up in the WWE, every fan wanted the Bullet Club to emerge as a faction that would bring not only factions back but hopefully start some great feuds once again. Then enter Gallows and Anderson, which a true fan thought that they were going to set the WWE afire but it never happened because they gave AJ the title run he so deserves. Now the WWE has hinted a possible run now with Gallows, Anderson and Balor, which we have seen the three of them tag over the last couple of months. While I know that the moniker of the Bullet Club will not be used in the WWE, it would however, be great to see them allow the faction grow and create the feuds that every fan loves to see.


While feuds just do not pertain to factions, the individual feuds are growing old and it becomes hard to get interested in some of them because they have been pushed so hard that they end up on “life support” and I think that the writers need to take them off of “life support” and find some new blood. I do think that they are looking to pick up with the Balor / Rollins feud again seeing as it was cut short with Balor getting hurt right after becoming the first Universal Champion. This feud if it is given the chance could be a real barnburner and hopefully breathe some new life into feuds once again.


Another feud that is going on right now and has shown that no matter how many times they face each other, they raise the bar each and every time and that is the feud of The Usos and New Day. Go back to Hell in a Cell and their match was beyond phenomenal and it set the bar for their feud like no other currently. Any time these two teams are in the ring together you can expect that it will have many highlight clips afterwards. And this is what should be the goal when starting a feud with any individual or tag team. The way that these two teams set the bar for today’s feuds reminds me of the scaffold matches that the Midnight Express had with both the Road Warriors and Rock n Roll Express. These matches closed the feuds and set them in stone as memorable feuds for years to come.



I could go on and on with many different feuds and what they mean to the history of wrestling but we look at feuds of past and compare them with the feuds that are going on currently. I just hope that all of fans will get to see some good feuds soon especially with Wrestlemania just one week ago. In my next article I will look at finishes and where they have been going lately and what they have been missing as of late. Just remember, until next time; to break the hold before the count of 5 and to kick out before the count of 3.

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