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OTOGH: Almost Perfection Colon and the Rangers

Almost Perfect, Colon and the Rangers taking on the Houston Astros
This has been a whirlwind week, a losing home series against the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Angels, the short version is that Ranger pitching was awful, and the hitting was non-existent. Even worse, the Rangers would lose two players to injuries, Ranges pitcher Doug Fister was being out with a hip injury and then, a very painful and horrible injury to watch Elvis Andrus took a 97 m.p.h. fastball to his elbow, I think it is a miracle that all it did was a fracture that does not require surgery. But he’s going to be out for 2 months. He is placed on the 10-day DL and with Rougned Odor on the DL with his hamstring issues, The Rangers were going to need more medical equipment than baseball equipment to deal with all the injuries.

Image result for ronald guzman rangersThe Rangers needed to make some moves, one more injury in the infield and there was going to be some serious trouble the first move when Odor got injured was to move Jurickson Profar to 2nd and bringing up from Round Rock Isiah Kinder-Falefa, who is from Hawaii and is the Rangers 5th Hawaiian born player. Mahalo. Kinder-Falefa, took over as a utility infielder, with the Andrus injury the Rangers made what seemed at first an unusual move bringing up Ronald Guzman, to play first and moving Joey Gallo to left field.
There were several good reasons for this, Guzman is a trained first baseman and was hitting .412 in Triple-A Round Rock. Andrus did not travel with the team to Houston and there was a lot of pressure on the team without Andrus bat and his fielding, that was then, and this is now. Going to take on Houston Astros in Houston was a dauting task, and who better for the challenge then Cole Hamels, and the season veteran looked good, only giving up two home runs to George Springer who seemed to have Hamels number and with a bit of bad luck a costly error by Drew Robinson, cost the Rangers a win, but it was a close game and well played. It would only get better from there, Rangers have had a history of the bats being lacking this season, and during the 2nd game of the series the rookies would show everyone how it is done. Kinder-Falefa, and Guzman would get home runs in the game, along with Joey Gallo and Adrian Beltre would get his first of the year. Mike Minor only had one bad inning where the Astros got all 5 of their runs in the 4th inning, however in the 8th with the help of the rookies the Rangers would tie it up and force it to extra innings. Guzman who had a homer in the 8th would get a key hit in the 10th that would push the Rangers over to win the game. Bartolo Colon, to say I am a fan is an understatement. I have been so excited for him and I have wanted the Rangers to sign him and keep him. He proved me right. Colon took over for the injured Fister in the starting rotation and he has shined. Yes, he’s 44 but I don’t care if you are 34 or 24, having a perfect game into the 8th is amazing. He was loose and happy during the outing and he was unstoppable until the 8th, where he walked Carlos Correa and then Josh Reddick would get a double to score and break up the no hitter. It was a great effort from Colon and a wonderful display of his abilities even at the age of 44. The Rangers would force the Astros into another extra inning game and this time thanks to an injured Robinson Chirinos, who had been hit in the elbow but unlike Andrus this was more of a glancing blow but still a horrible bruise could be seen after the injury was not only able to stay in the game but got a 2 run double to help the Rangers take the lead and later win the series from the World Champion Houston Astros.

Final Thoughts:
Back in the day when a team was playing badly the players from the minors would take a shot at playing in the show. Kinder-Falefa and Guzman are impressive to say the least, they have stepped up in a much-needed way. Both with hitting and defense and having a baptism by fire facing some of the best pitchers in all of baseball with Garret Cole, Charlie Morton, and Justin Verlander. The young rookies showed a lot of maturity and coolness under pressure. I am excited to see how these men, can handle the rest of this opportunity and I think when the injured come back if things are going the same way there might be some more changes in the Ranger lineup.

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