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3 Impacts From Impact

The countdown to Redemption is on in Impact! Who delivered the biggest surprise on the latest edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The main event provided a huge surprise, as Eli Drake ended up leaving the Impact Zone with not one, but TWO Feast of Fired briefcases! Eli faced off against Moose for the right to own both the World Title and Tag Title briefcases, as Eli wasn’t thrilled with having the latter and wanted the former. The match had a very odd ending, as Eddie Edwards’ fight with oVe spilled into the ring and led to the Buckeye State villains attacking Moose, allowing Eli to defeat Moose and walk out with both cases! This now brings some burning questions. When will Eli pounce and take the World Title? Who will Eli choose as his partner for the tag titles? The plot thickens.

Allie decided that it was time to step up and stand up to the demonic Suicide Bride, Su Yung. The current two-time Knockouts Champion entered the ring and called out Su, leading to an impromptu non-title match between the two, which didn’t end well for Allie. The match saw Braxton Sutter, who had been aligned with Su as of late, provide a distraction that resulted in Su attacking Allie with a Kendo stick. The match ended in a disqualification in Allie’s favor, but it was clear that Su’s intent was not on winning. Expect this to fester into the Redemption PPV.

Impact started with Bobby Lashley calling out Brian Cage, as he was looking to prove that Cage’s victory over him was a fluke. Lashley got what he wanted, another chance at Cage, but it would end with the same result as as their first encounter:  Cage winning. As we saw already, this was Lashley’s last appearance on Impact, as he made a return to WWE on post-Mania Raw. But what does this mean for Cage? What’s next for Impact’s new dominant force?

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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