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Straight Up Smack Down-Post Wrestle Mania edition


There was an unbelievable amount of news & results that have happened over the last few days. Wrestle Mania weekend was incredible & WWE has continued to make news over the last few days. I’ve been racking my thoughts on where to start, but maybe I should backtrack a little. Yeah, that’s it. Okay, Friday was the Hall of Fame ceremony. I watched the “Red Carpet” & the ENTIRE show, barely. I’d grade it as a B. It was good at times & dragged on at other times, but after a long Friday that show can be a struggle for folks like me.  Now, Saturday night is a different story. The Takeover event that NXT put on last Saturday night was hands down the best wrestling event I’ve watched in a very long time. Maybe ever. I don’t want to go down that road of ranking all time events, let’s just say that show was phenomenal & top to bottom exceeded Wrestle Mania. There, I said it. In context, let’s make the comparison to when the pre-cursor “Pound for Pound” is used. In the same sense, NXT Takeover’s 3 hour event was better wire-to-wire than Sunday’s 5 hour WrestleMania.  I’ll leave it at that & if you think differently, go ahead & @ me on Twitter. As far as Wrestle Mania goes, I’ll stick to the Smack Down-related matches. Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon defeated (to my surprise) Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to cement their eviction from Smack Down Live. Another match that surprised me was the A.J. Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura match. Styles retained & the match wasn’t bad, but the “dream match” seemed to fall short. This was what I wrote about last week & was worried that the expectation level could sour the match. To some extent, I think it did. The surprising part to me was Shinsuke’s heel turn. If anything, I would have guessed A.J. to turn since he was such an effective heel before. Maybe the company sees Shinsuke coming across better as a heel? Time will tell. The biggest shock was Charlotte retaining her title & ending Asuka’s undefeated streak! That was as big of a swerve since the Undertaker’s streak ended, but there was less build & less fanfare afterwards. One Wrestle Mania outcome that I supposed last week actually came to fruition: Jinder Mahal is the new United States Champion. He needs the title. Randy, Bobby, & Rusev can get “over” with fans without the belt. That being said, next week’s Superstar Shakeup SHOULD land Jinder with the belt onto Raw. His whole act & the title change would make a ton of sense & vice versa for Seth Rollins, the new Intercontinental champion. Send Miz after the title to Smack Down & by Summer Slam, you have a super hot feud between Miz & Daniel Bryan for the belt. This is probably already in the works, but if not…’re welcome?  P.S. to wrap the Smack Down WrestleMania coverage, we have new tag team champions: The Bludgeon Brothers. They destroyed both the New Day & the Usos at Wrestle Mania to become champions. So, now that’s all covered, let’s jump into Smack Down Live from this week…….


The first person to appear in SmackDown Live this week from New Orleans was Shane McMahon. He had a monumental announcement to make:

As if the announcement that Paige is Smack Down Live’s new GM wasn’t big enough, she goes ahead & her first act as General Manager creates Styles versus Bryan for the night’s main event. Good for Paige, glad she will be in this role moving forward.


Let’s skip forward to the night’s main event because it was such a good match:

up until Shinsuke got involved. This screams of a Triple Threat match looming, possibly at Backlash?


The Usos faced the New Day, with the winner getting a shot the current title holders:

The Usos won, but what are their chances of regaining those belts. I would guess, “Not Good.”


The most shocking moment from Tuesday night was Charlotte Flair, the now formal champion….thanks to Billie Kay & Peyton Royce. Here is part 1 from their introduction to Charlote & the casual WWE fans:

Then the “cash in” of all “cash in’s” happened. Yes, Carmella did this:

Just like that, everyone forgets Asuka versus Charlotte 2 days beforehand. Now Charlotte will be on the track to get her title back from Carmella.


Those are the big headlines from Smack Down this week. Next week will be absolute insanity with the 2 night Superstar Shake Up. Can’t wait to see who goes where…until then, thanks for reading!

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