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The Raw Truth-April 9, 2018 WrestleMania Fallout

In the aftermath of a busy and chaotic WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw moved across the street from The SuperDome to Smoothie King Center, a little more “intimate” atmosphere!

There were some key returns and feud “set ups”:

Bobby Lashley returned. Although I’m not a big fan, he is “good for business.” Likely will move to SmackDown in “Superstar Shakeup.”

Samoa Joe returned, albeit from the ramp to warn Roman Reigns that he’s next in line after Lesnar match. Joe did a good job on the mic with the verbal assault of Reigns and his lack of recent success against Lesnar.

Paige came up to announce her official retirement from “in ring” action. A shame her WWE career was limited to four years or so. Also, given the nonsense with Patron/DelRio, the video leak and other bad decisions, she wasn’t always presented in the best light.

Jeff Hardy returned. His best effort was in the backstage meeting with Matt Hardy and Wyatt. I love how Wyatt said “Brother Nero.” This Wyatt/Hardy gimmick will likely be good for some laughs!

Authors of Pain debuted and dominated. Not sure what the angle is with them dissing Ellering at the end? Perhaps they are phasing him out? Here is an exclusive backstage interview fro WWE.

I’m assuming that the Superstar Shakeup next week will debut/bring back some others? Big Cass, James Storm, Mysterio…maybe others.

No Way Jose should stay in NXT….or The Indies in my opinion. Stupid gimmick.

Ember Moon debuted on RAW and she is a special talent. She got a huge pop from crowd. I don’t like her as a babyface though. Let’s hope that changes.

Forgot to mention the opening when Stephanie did her best to “win Rousey over,” only to find herself in the arm bar again. I remain surprised at the direction of this storyline. I still cannot imagine keeping her a babyface but we will see. Stone Cold made a career of defying management so this might be the direction here as well.

The WWE is really pushing this “Greatest Royal Rumble” show from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on April 27th. 50 “person” Royal Rumble, 7 title matches and more, no doubt. We will see if the announced Steel Cage Match with Lesnar and Reigns ends this feud? With Lesnar signing a new deal, he’s not likely to lose major spotlight.

John Cena posted a “cryptic” tweet wherein he’s playing a tune on a piano. Maybe it’s his “Swan Song”? Not likely!

The show was ok, given the likely letdown after such a strong weekend. I must say the NXT show was the highlight, in my mind.

Next week, The Raw roster will get “shaken up.” We shall see how that looks. A lot of talent to go around.

See you next week.



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