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The Raw Truth

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday, March 20th 2018. This marks the launch of my column which we call The Raw Truth( more like a repackaging, as we have had this weekly article before, but now we have a new writer and a different twist)!
Weekly, I will review Monday Night Raw (WWE) and discuss what, why and when things are happening, who’s hot, who’s not and what do the recent story lines point to in the future?

I, Tim Keogh do solemly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and most importantly tell the RAW Truth.

Last night, we saw another effort to put Roman Reigns “over” compliments of an aided beatdown from Brock Lesnar. At the beginning of the show, Reigns confronted Kurt Angle and said he wasn’t leaving the ring until Lesnar showed up (playing off of Lesnar’s recent “no shows”). Angle reminded Reigns he was suspended and had to leave.
When Reigns refused, members of the “US Marshalls” showed up to arrest Reigns. That did not fare well for the US Marshalls as Reigns attacked them (while handcuffed). Lesnar’s music then hits and he proceeds to run to the ring and blast Reigns with chair shots, F5’s and generally pummels him. Reigns leaves on a stretcher, only to have Lesnar appear again and flip the stretcher over. Fans seem to be slowly turning on Lesnar and I applaud the creative effort to get this done-didn’t seem likely a few weeks ago.

The Asuka/Bliss match was good, Bliss has mastered the insincere comments about Nia and it’s a decent “feud” build up. What seems to be overlooked is the size difference between the two. Nia is a giant among women (and some men) and the “tale of the tape” makes this a mismatch. The drama and mic skills added by Bliss help move this feud along. It’s also funny to see Mickie James in a supporting “heel” role.

The John Cena segment, wherein he was “calling out” the Undertaker, lasted way too long and ended very strange. After minutes of crowd incite on Cena’s part and again calling Undertaker a “coward” for not even responding to his challenge, Kane hits the ring and choke slams Cena? Not sure what all this means but, if it doesn’t culminate in a Cena/Taker match, this is all wasted time.

Finally, the Ultimate Deletion match with Hardy and Wyatt. Wow is all I can say. Simply tough to watch and beyond lame. It was clunky and hard to follow, the ending was weak and, given the recent issues with Jeff Hardy, his cameo was ill timed as well. I hope WWE got the need to use this gimmick out of their system. It was unique when initially done in TNA, but this was like bad grindhouse cinema.

The next three weeks might have some decent story line changes for Wrestlemania 34, but, much of what you will see is “filler time” and talent promos.

Have a great week-we will talk next Tuesday!


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