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With the Golden State Warriors dealing with one injury after another, there is a push to put NBA newcomer Quinn Cook on the playoff roster. Cook has played in just over 20 games for the Warriors this year and has started in about a third of those games. Kevin Durant is out for a couple of weeks with a rib cartilage fracture, Stephen Curry has been out of action with an ankle injury and Klay Thompson is out with a fractured thumb. Add to the mix, Draymond Green left Monday evenings game in San Antonio.

Given this, Cook should see more playing time and this will be an awesome opportunity to prove himself that he should play when the playoffs come around. In the G-League, Cook averaged 25 points a game along with 8 assists and nearly 5 rebounds a game. As it stands, Cook is on a two-way contract with the Warriors, which means the team can give him a spot on the roster for the rest of the regular season, but not being permitted to play on the playoff roster. If that were to change, the Warriors would have to cut a player to sign him to a minimum contract. The deadline whether to add him or not is April 11, the last day of the NBA regular season.

In the NBA, Cook is averaging 6 points a game and recently has had a surge in points, scoring 25 points against the Sacramento Kings and 28 points against the Phoenix Suns, albeit not the best competition. The Warriors may be cautious when it comes to bringing back their top stars to not take a risk of bigger injuries in the playoffs. From here until April 11, the Warriors remaining schedule consists of a mix of opponents as they will be playing some teams who are in the hunt and some that are not. What will be a key indicator is how he plays against teams such as Utah, Indiana and Oklahoma City, teams in the playoff race.

“Playing in the NBA is something that I’ve dreamed of my whole life,” Cook said after his 28-point performance in a win over the Suns. “I can’t really put it into words, just being able to put on an NBA jersey night in and night out, practice with an NBA team every day, has been my goal since I can remember. I’m just trying to get better every day and live in the moment. I’m just trying to win games. I’m trying to help out as much as possible, whether it’s getting guys shots, playing defense, shooting the ball.”

Whether he will play in the playoffs will decide how he performs in these last games and some view him as a mini version of Klay Thompson. So far, Cook is a good shooter off the dribble and this makes him a potential reason off the bench on a team that has solid bench players to begin with. When asked whether he would add Cook to the playoff roster, Steve Kerr told Anthony Slater of the Athletic, come back to me in ‘three weeks’ and I will tell you then.

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