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NFL Veterans To Buy Low & Win Big

Every off-season a thousand different buy low, sell high articles come out. Naturally I had to do one myself. However, I wanted to look at a different angle. Now I’m sure you can go out there and find 20 different writers, giving you 35 different young guys who they’re sure it’s their year to break out. I’ve decided to take a different look at things though. I’ve decided to look at veterans, who maybe are a little old, or had an off year last year, and can be bought low. These veterans are the kind of guys who it’s invaluable to have them available to start when your young guns are on bye, or just to plug into your flex when they get a good match-up. They all still have the potential to blow up just like the young guys, but they’re more than likely not going to drop those 0-5 point performances that lose you a game like the inexperienced players could. I’m not suggesting you go get these guys with your eyes to the future, these guys are more in the, “last piece of the puzzle” category. These are exactly the kind of guys that win you titles, so if you’re looking to win now, go sacrifice those young guns you hope get a break, or some future picks and win that money!

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WR: Dez Bryant

          I’m sure there’s lots of people who think I’m crazy for telling you to buy Dez, and maybe I am. You should still go do it. All those guys who took Dez really early in 2014 or 2015 are probably about done with him right now. He’s 29, and will turn 30 during the season so I can’t really blame them. However, I’m definitely going to use that to my advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised to see people willing to give up Dez for a late first/early second round rookie pick, plus one of those young, definitely gonna happen guys. If I’m in a position to win a title this year, I’m going to make that move all day. Last year Dez Bryant had 69 catches for 838 yards and 6 touchdowns. Now those are well off from his insane numbers of when he was in his mid-20s, but they definitely didn’t destroy your team. When you put those numbers to a younger players name, it would be considered a break out, and their price would be through the roof. Let’s also not forget that the Cowboys offense as a whole, especially Dak Prescott was much worse in the 2017 season. It’s almost a given that the Cowboys offense will be back up as a whole next year. Even if Dez isn’t in a Cowboys uniform next season, I can’t imagine he’s going to go someplace where he’s less utilized, and isn’t the top target or the number two. I find it really hard to believe that a 29 year old receiver is at the end of the road already. You’re not going to be getting 7 seasons of starter quality play, but you’re almost guaranteed to get a season or two worth of a solid starting option for a pretty low price, and you know what you’re getting. You’re getting Dez Bryant. You’re not getting a rookie pick who could turn out to the next Kevin Jones, and a backup receiver that needs three injuries to happen before he’s the top guy, it’s Dez. He could be the last piece of the puzzle on your, almost there dynasty team, and to me, it’s well worth it. Go get Dez and that title.


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QB: Drew Brees

          Once again, I’m sure there’s a hundred people out there saying I’m an idiot and scrolling past this section. Just hear me out. I’m not saying to go get Drew Brees for the orphan you took over and are in the process of rebuilding, this is the guy to go get when the last piece of the puzzle is a stud QB. Drew Brees in a superflex is probably worth about a late first, or a couple young pieces. That could be a steal if you’re looking to seal the title! Now, Drew Brees definitely had a down year last year, no argument there. When you actually look at the numbers though, he had a pretty good year still. He completed 72% of his passes for just over 4300 yards and 23 TDs, and only threw 8 INTs. The number of TDs is the only number you won’t like looking at that stat line. That number is basically a lock to go back up. Brees hadn’t thrown for less than 32 TDs since 2007 until this year. I was still in middle school the last time it happened. Alvin Kamara won’t be the superhero he was in 2017 again. I’m sure he’ll be a stud yes, but he won’t be the superhero putting the team on his back. The regression of Kamara’s production will mean that some of that pressure falls back on Brees. It’s inevitable that his numbers are going to go back up, and realistically, who are you going to get at the end of the 1st in a rookie draft that can come in and fill your QB hole immediately? Regardless of where all the rookie QBs land, anyone who’s in a position to start will be long gone by the time it gets around to the 1.09-1.12 range. Considering you can STEAL Brees for that late of a pick and maybe a throw-in player or pick, it’s going to more than pay for itself when that QB hole is filled, and Brees wins you a title at the end of the year.


Photo by; ESPN

RB: CJ Anderson

          Now this is a tricky one. To be honest with you I had to be convinced myself, but I’m sold on it. This is a buy low, in the hopes that he moves teams. I struggled to find an older running back that I’d be comfortable playing as a fill in, that’s still cheap. Shady will cost too much, Blount doesn’t have enough opportunity, but CJ Anderson is just right. His season was not nearly as bad as you think it was. Anderson rushed for over 1000 yards last year, the 3 TDs was what you remembered though. I attribute that more to the horrible Denver offensive line, than I do to his ability. Despite having what fantasy owners thought was a bad season, Anderson finished as the 18th ranked RB in both standard, and PPR scoring formats according to ESPN. Now if you’ve brushed up on your math lately, you’ll know that would make him a RB2. There’s been rumors this off-season that Denver is going to either trade, or cut him and I love it. People are so down on him from what they perceived to be a terrible season, they’re more than happy to sell him cheap. I can almost guarantee you that if you offered something 2.02-2.06 for CJ Anderson, it’ll be pretty close to an auto-accept. Sure some guys will ask for something else in return as well, but in the end I think you can make that swap straight up. So with your 2.04 area pick, you could take a shot at a rookie RB who got drafted on day 2 or 3 of the NFL draft. Sure they might pan out, but come on, there’s only so many Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara type guys out there. The other option would be to trade it for a guy who hit the 1000 yard mark behind an atrocious offensive line, in an overall bad offense, that will likely be in a better situation next year. I mean, there’s not many places he could go that would be worse. It fits the bill perfectly. CJ Anderson, hopefully in a new city, but even back in Denver, is somebody I’m perfectly comfortable filling into my flex spot for a week or two. Plus I can acquire him for very little. I’m positive he will get the job done for that week or two, and send you on your merry way to that elusive, league championship.

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