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The Nuggets Have Fallen, And They Can’t Get Up.


The Recap:

Grizzlies 101 – Nuggets 94

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The Grizzlies hadn’t won a game since January heading into this game. The Nuggets were heading into this one with their playoff lives dwindling but still alive. They were also without Gary Harris. Complete player stats can be found HERE.

The Nuggets got humiliated in the first quarter, being outscored 34-17. The Grizzlies played faster, harder and just better than Denver. Denver, to their credit played much better in the 2nd and by halftime, the Nuggets were only down by 5. In the 3rd quarter, both teams played pretty even and Denver couldn’t close the gap much. The Nuggets did tie the game in the 4th twice, but never took the lead. This was a bitter loss and one that will prove very costly.

Heat 149 – Nuggets 141

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Yeah, you read that right. The Nuggets scored 141 points which is amazing. Six different Denver players scored 10 or more points. Complete player stats can be found HERE.

Even scoring 141 points could not get Denver a much-needed win. Overshadowing that amazing showing on offense was the terrible defense. Miami set a franchise record with the highest scoring game in their history. The Nuggets opened up the game strong, but the Heat were ready. The game was extremely close through all 4 quarters. Denver tied the game late in the fourth and then got a game saving defensive stop to force overtime. In overtime, both teams scored 13 points and forced another overtime period. That is where the Heat proved themselves the stronger team as they outscored Denver 18-10 and sealed the win.

What This Means And The Road Ahead:

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I’m not going to say that the Nuggets playoff hopes are completely gone, but they have the same odds of making it as Rian Johnson does at making a good Star Wars movie. They are in 10th place and falling. Most of their games are on the road, and they have no answer on Defense. Their playoff hopes, and Coach Malone’s job are on very thin ice.

The Nuggets travel to Chicago on Wednesday. Tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. MDT.




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