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MLB Fantasy Forecast-Outfield; Part 2

25. Billy Hamilton

Hamilton has yet to show more to his game other than the blazing speed. Over 55 stolen bases in the last three seasons. If you need stolen bases, this is your guy, but you’re not getting much else.

24. Yasiel Puig

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Somehow Puig was able to put a good season together after being almost forgotten in a somewhat crowded outfield. Career highs in homers and rbi’s in 2017 bode well for him to be an everyday outfielder again in 2018.

23. Andrew McCutchen

Another player who returned to form. Gone are the mvp type seasons, but .280/20hr/80rbi/80runs/10steals is a nice benchmark.

22. Ryan Braun

Braun’s numbers were down last season because of injury. The Brewers are gonna use him at first base as well as the outfield. This could be helpful in keeping him healthy for the length of the season. He may even have a few more games off to allow Domingo Santana and others get a few at bats.

21. Lorenzo Cain

Park factors might show most telling story here and for teammate Christian Yellich. For Cain, going from Kaufman to Milwaukee could add another 5-10 big flies. If he hits .300 and steals 20 plus bags, this is a great selection.

20. Nelson Cruz

Power hitting machine still hasn’t hit the decline. The move to full-time DH is only gonna help the 37-year-old slugger. All stat columns will fill up very nicely except of course stolen bases.

19. Yoenis Cespedes

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Another power beast very similar to Cruz, some injury concern here though, make sure to monitor his health.

18. Byron Buxton

Another season or two and it could be breakout time for the young speedster. The strikeout rate is too high so adjustments need to be made, but you can’t ignore the steady progress being made, especially in the second half of last year.

17. Khris Davis

Over 40 hrs the last 2 seasons. A safe bet for over 30 homers, 90 rbi, and 80 runs.

16. A.J. Pollock

After the very impressive 2015 campaign injury has come into play the last two seasons. He still managed 14 homers and 20 steals in 112 games last year. This can be a really good value if he can stay healthy.

15. Rhys Hoskins

Huge potential and upside but remember last year was a very small sample size. Some risk involved, but power numbers and run production should be very good.

14.Tommy Pham

This could be fantasy baseball’s most talked about player. Came out of nowhere to have a breakout year. Experts are saying it is legit, so it’s worth taking even if you have to reach because you’re getting a player that does everything well.

13. Marcell Ozuna

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A monster year with career numbers across the board for Ozuna last year. The move to St. Louis shouldn’t change much as he joins a fairly good lineup. A very high BABIP leads you to believe the average will go down to the more usual .270 range, but 30 plus homers and 100 plus rbi is well within reach.

12. Andrew Benintendi

I’m always a little bias when it comes to ranking pure hitters as a pose to power hitters, I like the fact that they are usually a little more safe in terms of reaching base which leads to more opportunities for counting stats. At .271 for the year, last years batting average was considered a disappointment, he can easily get to .300 while contributing to all other stats as well, lots of potential here.

11. Christian Yellich

Another one of my favorites, Yellich also gives you some stolen bases(15-20). What’s really to like for this year is the move to Milwaukee, this is likely going to increase the power numbers. We could be looking at .300, 20 hr, 90rbi, 90runs, 20steals.

10. Justin Upton

Seems like Upton’s been around forever, but still in his prime at age 30, coming off a very impressive 35hr/109 rbi, and has been very durable playing over 149 games in the last 7 years. This is a very smart and safe play, along with power the average will be mediocre at best(.250ish), but should produce double-digit steals.

9. Starling Marte

Stock seems to have fallen a bit since the ped suspension last year, still a very valuable player, double-digit homers with a good bating average and at least 30 steals.

8. Aaron Judge

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I think it is way more likely that Judge will hit closer to .250 then .280 this year. A full season’s worth of footage will give pitchers a better understanding of how to pitch the 25 year-old slugger. Even still 40-50 homers and 100 plus rbi is probably on its way.

7. J.D.Martinez

An incredible 45 homers in 119 games last season. The move to Boston is only gonna help. Could he reach 50, even 60 homers? All power and run producing stats will be filled, along with a possible plus .300 average.

6. George Springer

Springer is really coming into his own as a hitter. His strikeout rate improved by 6% last season which led to a career high .283 bating average. Hitting a top of probably the best lineup in baseball has led to over 110 runs scored in the past 2 seasons, that should continue, along with 30 homer potential.

5. Giancarlo Stanton

How in the world are you gonna be able to deal with Stanton/Judge back to back. There is bound to be some mistake pitches and the short porch at Yankee stadium is only gonna help. The possibility for lots of homers and runs is very likely.

4. Charlie Blackmon

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An absolute massive breakout year led to Blackmon being the number one player in all of fantasy last year. The numbers are outstanding, most notably, 137 runs scores, over 100 rbi and a sparkling .331 average.

3. Mookie Betts

I’m really high on Betts this year. The BABIP was very unlucky(.268). This is .300 hitter with good power, and great run production, especially now that Martinez has been added to the lineup. If we get over 20 steals, this has breakout potential for sure.

2. Bryce Harper

We always tend to think injury concern here, it is warranted, but you can’t ignore that this is a triple crown threat.

1. Mike Trout

Best player in the majors, don’t even think about who to take number one overall.

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