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Straight Up Smack Down


The WWE was in Bakersfield, California on Tuesday night….the sight for Smack Down Live, or perhaps more appropriately named “The Dolph Ziggler Show”?  Here, Dolph arrives with his new combination entrance of the vinyl scratch silence plus his old theme song:

The show kicked off with Baron Corbin set to take on Ziggler on a 1 on 1 match. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens would have none of that:

Immediately following that ambush of Corbin & the swarming attack on Dolph, Shane McMahon met Daniel Bryan on-camera backstage to address those situations & steer the fallout. The same two guys that were nowhere near either incident as it happened, felt the need to address it & be filmed in discussion as neither acknowledged the cameraman & his crew…..

I’m not trying to play Captain Obvious here, but I just want to point out a misstep as I saw it. In my opinion, if Shane & Daniel wanted to pre-tape this segment earlier in the day to arrange tonight’s card, then at some point Shane should have turned & looked directly into the camera to relay those decisions. I firmly believe that would have been much more effective. Let’s move on to another segment of the Ziggler Show. This part involves Dolph touching his hair many times during an interview, speaking as if he just realized a goal (the same goal of all WWE wrestlers) while speaking to Renee Young, who just happens to be going through a Gwen Stefani appreciation phase:

Good for Dolph, he finally wants to main event Wrestle Mania. After all these years, it’s finally sunk in for him. Maybe some of the younger veterans, recent roster call-ups, & talent at NXT will also come to this revelation after many years on the main roster. Unfortunately for Dolph, Wrestle Mania is ready for Shinsuke versus A.J. WWE isn’t changing course from that 2 months out.

So from Shane’s fallout, Match #1 was Kevin Owens versus the previously injured Baron Corbin:

Great! Now we have a Fatal 4-way match at Fastlane! Am I being sarcastic? YEP! More often than not, when WWE involves more than 3 wrestlers in a match, there is a pattern of sequence. Everyone starts off vibrant until someone, or multiple wrestlers in the match, take a serious bump. Then it becomes a 1 on 1 until someone is revived in the match from the earlier bump. It’s true, it’s formulaic, & it’s boring. On top of that, tell me the last time that there was a 5 star match in WWE that involved 4 or more singles competitors in the same match.

Part Two of Shane’s fallout was Dolph Ziggler versus Sami Zayn:

Great! Now we have a Fatal 5-way match at Fastlane! A.J. versus the 4 heels! God I hope I’m wrong but this just seems like really lazy booking by the creative team. I’m picturing that this match at Fastlane goes 35 minutes & results in Styles retaining the belt. We’ll see if that prediction holds….in the meantime Gwen, I mean Renee, caught up with Ziggler after his victory to ask a few questions. Fun game: Go grab a beer & drink every time Dolph uses the word/letter “I” in this quick interview (I’d try this game at home, if I were you):


After the Ziggler show coverage, there’s not a lot of newsworthy type results from Tuesday. United States champion Bobby Roode called out Randy Orton, but also got Jinder & the Singh Brothers all at one time:

Kudos to Jinder for keeping that Top 10 list gimmick alive this week. He actually made a decent point derived from that data. That was my major takeaway from this segment.


Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable faced Big E & Kofi of the New Day, as if you haven’t watch this before:

The New Day finally wins. Gable & Benjamin really need to get back on track.


Lastly, Charlotte Flair took on the 2nd member of the Riott Squad this week. Charlotte looked to pin, submit, or eliminate Sarah Logan after dispatching Liv Morgan last week:

The Queen has her sights set on beating Ruby Riott, but that will have to wait. Next week Naomi, Becky Lynch, & Charlotte will face the entire Riott Squad in a 6 woman tag match.  In all honesty, that should be a pretty good match.


We’ll see which matches & whatever craziness is added to next week’s Smack Down Live….until then, thanks for reading!


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