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If you ask Scott Boras, he will turn to you and candidly reply that he saw this coming. He dosen’t even respond with panic, in fact, he has already calmly given the several unsigned free agent class in 2018 a term. He says it is a late-developing market. But I would love to know if his clients feel the same way with less than a week before the start of spring training and no job. You could ask any of them, just pick one. There are still 15 Scott Boras Clients in MLB free agency. Here may be the most shocking thing of all, as of today, Scott Boras has not signed a single client to a major league deal this off-season.

The pitchers are; Jake Arrirta, Jeremy Hellickson, Greg Holland, Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez, and Tony Watson.

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The position players are; Perdo Alvarez, Stephen Drew, Carlos Gomez, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holiday, Eric Hosmer, J.D. Martinez, Mike Moustakas and Jason Werth.


What does Boras blame for this “late-developing” market?

He blames the Miami Marlins and other clubs who flooded the market with talented players in trades and Major League Baseball front offices that invested so much time and manpower in a pursuit of Shohei Ohtani in December.

“I’m not ready to evaluate anything because of the market delay,” Boras told ESPN. “You have to let the market be a market before you can evaluate it.

“I believe that every good owner in the game wakes up and says there’s an opportunity that exists today that didn’t exist yesterday. Regardless of what the date on the calendar is, if it’s good business, you should do it.”

Pitchers and catchers for the 30 MLB clubs will be streaming into camps in Florida and Arizona starting today, but Boras said he expects several players to come off the board once teams look at their rosters and assess the needs that still exist.

“We’ve had players that reported in February and the middle of March,” he said. “The key thing is, we are dutifully making sure that all of our clients are ready to play.”

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Should Boras really be this cool and calm?

Boras’ relatively serene and patient take on the market comes amid a turbulent couple weeks for baseball. More than 90 of the 166 players who declared free agency in November are still unsigned, and MLB and the players’ association have taken turns trading barbs this week.

After MLBPA executive director Tony Clark charged teams with a “race to the bottom” that “threatens the integrity of the game,” the commissioner’s office said much of the blame lies with agents who misread the market.

Several of Boras’ top clients appear to have deals on the table. Hosmer reportedly has received a seven-year offer from the San Diego Padres, while the Boston Red Sox reportedly extended a five-year offer to Martinez. In addition, sources said that closer Greg Holland received a substantial offer to return to the Colorado Rockies before the team filled its closer void by signing Wade Davis to a guaranteed three-year, $52 million deal.

So why have they not signed these deals? Why do you have players and agents complaining about the deals that are available and have been made to his clients?  Here is Boras’ cool and calm reaction; “If you were telling me we’ve already spent $4.3 billion on players and there’s no money and all those players are there, I would say it’s a concern. But when the profits are the greatest, the franchise values are the highest and the revenues are the most extreme in all the teams’ existence — when you have that and you still haven’t spent the money — it creates that opportunity on a daily basis for teams.”Image result for scott boras

Boras paused as he chose his words carefully then continued with; “These owners are captains of industry. They’re smart people. They’re going to look at it and say, ‘If I get ahead of my competitor and increase my probability of winning and I increase my ability to attract fans, my TV ratings, my playoff opportunities and my [regional sports network] potential for the future, I’m going to go out and get somebody that’s still there because it’s going to provide all those positives for me.”

What he is basically saying is that the owners have the money. And his clients can provide higher television ratings, a better chance at winning, and will draw in more fans to their teams. These things mean more money for their businesses, and since he can prove all of these things with numbers (he and his team do a great job of essentially building a resume for his clients with numbers) the real number he can prove is each of his clients worth. And when one of the 30 teams acknowledges his client for his true value, then they will sign. But, not until.

So he is blaming the owners in all of this?

Boras, who has become known for his colorful analogies about baseball economics, described this winter’s lack of hot stove activity in nautical terms.

“Let’s allow the ships to get in from their quest in the ocean,” he said. “They went all the way to Japan [for Ohtani]. Then they stopped at sea to pick up the sunken ship in Florida. Eventually they’re going to get to their residential docks, and they can evaluate what they want to do to be adequately fulfilled for their journey at sea for the season.”


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