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The second edition of Smack Down Live in 2018 took place Tuesday night in Birmingham, Alabama. Not a bad two day stretch for the state of Alabama. In dramatic fashion, The Crimson Tide’s football team brought home another national championship to Tuscaloosa on Monday night. On Tuesday night, A.J. Styles brought his WWE championship to Birmingham:

Afterwards, Daniel Bryan was complimentary to Shane on his main event creation. Shane responded with some heavy criticism to Bryan, based on his recent decision making:

I want to skip forward to the main event because I want to put a bow on this week’s main story line. Plus I want to vent just a little on the events in the match:

Ok, I get that Sami & Kevin had to lose in Smack Down’s main event at some point but this just seemed so dumb to me. First of all, none of this seemed important to the story line.  In fact, you could argue that on paper, this main event would be better than the Royal Rumble handicap match. Then Shane’s involvement just made the whole segment feel like a production & less organic. I also had a problem with a segment that aired earlier in the night, involving the announcement of his mixed match tag partner: Becky Lynch.  Sami snuck up on her, while he was wearing an RKO hoodie. Less than an hour later, Orton throws Zayn onto the announce table & hits the RKO on Sami for the win. This looked like an oversight & lack of attention to detail.


Also on the “Alabama Slamma” edition of Smack Down Live, the final quarterfinal match of the U.S. title tournament took place between the two former Hype Bros….Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley.  No surprise here who won:

Ryder has absolutely nothing to gain by winning here, Rawley however does. He needs a lot more seasoning in the ring, a better spin on the name “Mojo Rawley”, & definitely some new ring gear, but I think he has the tools to be a pretty good superstar moving forward. Here was an interview that Rawley did after the match:

Pretty solid promo by Mojo there. Very serious & to the point with conviction. The problem is though, no one is going to take him serious with that name. It’s too goofy & it sounds like the name of a Harlem Globetrotter or a circus act. So Bobby Roode will face Mojo next in the semifinal & Xavier Woods will face Jinder Mahal. Maybe we’ll see a rematch of last year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale final two contestants?



One match that WILL happen for sure was created on Tuesday, as Daniel Bryan appeared to respond to Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable’s claims that they were screwed last week by instant replay:

Oddly enough, this match at the Rumble is one that I’m excited to see. All four of these competitors bring it to the squared circle every time & both teams have incredible chemistry.  I’m pretty confident that we’ll see all 3 falls happen in the match & I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Usos leave Philadelphia without their titles.


In other tag team news, Rusev Dayyyyyy faced Breezango that resulted in an outcome that very few saw coming:

This was a classic “need a win to stay relevant” swerve. Breezango were pretty far down the Bushwhacker path to tag team apathy.


Becky Lynch returned to Smack Down Live last week on TV & had her first match, since the Riott Squad invasion, this week against Ruby Riott.

The Lass Kicker looked better than ever & her character got some sweet revenge for that sneak attack a few months ago. Ruby was mad afterward & had this challenge to issue for next week:

Okay then. It looks like a 6 woman tag match could (should) happen next week! Is there any chance that WWE could use one of the two probable commercial breaks, during the four separate entrances for this match??


I guess I’ll have to wait & see next week just like everyone else.  Until then, thanks for reading!

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