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The Bear Cave; Can John Fox Save His Job?

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The Bear Cave

Match-up: Chicago Bears (4-9, 4th in the NFC North) vs. Detroit Lions (7-6, 2nd in NFC North)

Time and Location: 3:15 pm CT kickoff. Ford Field. SATURDAY! SET A REMINDER!

Betting info: Lions -5.5, 38 (opening)


Game Balls:

Mitch Trubisky – Man, it was nice to see Trubisky make some big plays for the Bears. Last week, I’ll admit, I was nervous about playing this guy so much and ruining him for the future. Trubisky looked good, even great at times. Granted, the Bengals were very short handed on defense, Trubisky had arguably his best week in the NFL. Benefitting from a solid running game to start the game, Trubisky accounted for 271 yards and a touchdown through the air, and five yards and a touchdown on the ground. Congrats rook! Let’s have many more.

Devin Hester – Congrats on the retirement. Think back and remember what a great career that was for the greatest returner of all time. Thank you for all the memories and making what would be a normal bathroom break, the most exciting part of the game (as most of the time our offenses were atrocious). Better be seeing this man in Canton some time in the future.

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  • I think Marvin Lewis is as good as gone from Cincy after that embarrassment. Not sure which coach will have the hook first – John Fox or Marvin Lewis.
  • The Bears looked the best they have on offense all year – against a beat up, short week Bengals. The Bears needed one and they got one.
  • Jordan Howard is the real deal. Tarik Cohen continues to shine. Cohen had two touchdowns called back that did not hurt the Bears in the long run of the game. Good to see the running game moving.
  • Bears came out fighting and ready to play – this bodes well for Fox and Company towards the end of the year when he is fighting for his job.
  • Ryan Pace – that rookie class was very involved. Adam Shaheen, Trubisky, Cohen, Eddie Jackson…not a bad week for Ryan Pace and his scouts.

State of the Bears:

The Bengals were not a good team at all and have been a head scratcher all season. That was a very different team that showed up against the Bears versus the one that showed up on the Monday night game against the Steelers. The Bears showed up, which was nice to see. They showed some life, on offense and defense. Kicking…still a big concern. The only thing that sucks about the Bears winning is that you lose some draft positions, closer to the front of the draft.

This draft seems to be loaded, but more so at the QB spot than in recent memory. This might hurt the Bears if they keep winning, but it also could help them. I don’t think the Bears will be drafting a QB, at least early in the draft. There are some teams that have some QBs that are getting up in age that may want to move up to and trade with a team like the Bears (depending upon where they end up) to take a QB for the future. Teams like the Steelers, the Patriots, and maybe the Saints. This could help the Bears when thinking ahead to the draft. If they end up with 4-5 wins, they could trade back and stock pile some picks. It will be interesting to see where they end up with wins and with draft positioning.

Could John Fox keep his job if the Bears somehow win out? How many wins would it take? I don’t think Fox can save his job unless the Bears win out and this offense truly starts rolling. I don’t see that happening with so many banged up players and such a limited amount of weapons for Trubisky. The Bears obviously need to get their Rookie QB some help, and I don’t think Fox and Dowell Logains are the help that he needs. The Bears need a QB Whisperer. It would be nice to see the Bears gain some momentum at the end of the year here, like last week, to spring board into 2018 – with whoever is leading them as the head ball coach.

Quick Hits, Game Preview:

  • Don’t forget – this game is on a Saturday this week!
  • Detroit needs a win if Jim Caldwell wants to keep his job. The Lions, if they miss the playoffs, could be a very underachieving team this year after a fast start.
  • The Lions offense really struggles running the ball…we all know the stat that the Lions haven’t had a 100 yard rushing running back in a game since Reggie Bush.
  • The Lions love slinging the ball up and down the field. They have some playmakers at the WR spot.
  • John Fox could do himself some favors this week if he wins this game and the offense looks effective.
  • It will be interesting to see how the Bears offense moves the ball against this Lions defense and how Trubisky plays – can he keep up his play from last week?

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The Lions need this win to keep any playoff hopes alive. The Bears at this point are looking to scrap out a couple more wins before the season is over. It should be a fun game actually. I think there are going to be a lot of big hits and a lot hard-nosed football – NFC North Football.

Lions 24 – Bears 20

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