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Adams Leading Packers Receivers Regardless of QB

Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams is making some kind of a contract statement while not saying a word on the subject. Adams is slated to be a free agent in the next free agency cycle (March 2018) Based on the contracts that have been given to other receivers in the league this season and Adams yearlong production this season his contract price is going steadily up.

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Why has Adams contract price likely climbed so high? The answer to this question is simple: His production has not been tied to who his quarterback is. Adams on the season has 69 catches for 828 yards and 9 touchdowns. All of those numbers lead the team. When those numbers are compared to other top wide receivers in the league Adams ranks very favorably. That is especially true considering that Adams has been productive regardless of his QB this season. Before Aaron Rodgers went down with his broken collar bone Adams numbers were 23 catches, 285 yards and 4 touchdowns.  In the game when Rodgers got hurt and following Adams numbers are as follows: 46 catches, 543 yards and 5 touchdowns. The same cannot be said for all the Packers receivers during Rodgers absence.

The torch of the so called number one receiver has unofficially been passed from Jordy Nelson to Adams for several reasons. Adams is 6 years younger then Nelson. But once Rodgers departed, so did much of Nelson’s early season production.  That is not a shot at Nelson either. There has been a career long connection between Nelson and Rodgers – an ability to communicate with a simple head nod – that was not the same between Hundley and any other Packers receiver minus Adams.

Adams has been at his best when it was needed most. He scored the winning touchdown that beat the Cowboys, the score the ended up being the deciding score to beat the Bears, and the tying and winning scores to beat the Browns last weekend. I think the Packers will pay the price, move some contracts around in relationship to the salary cap and drop the franchise tag on Adams if it becomes necessary in order to keep him. More likely Adams will sign a multiyear extension in Green Bay to spend several more years with Rodgers and company. The price of said extension has grown significantly more expensive thanks to Adams performance under both quarterbacks this season.


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