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Believe it or not, Clash of Champions is a week away from THIS Sunday. Sure seems like Survivor Series just ended but with the enhanced storylines over the last few weeks & Smack Down’s new additions to the roster, there has been a very solid build to the upcoming pay-per-view. Most of the attention has surrounded Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Last week, they used a technicality within the prescribed guidelines to emerge victorious again & remain employed. That is right where this week picked up again…..

Ok, so a couple thoughts from the opening segment. First, I liked it. It initially brought us right back to last week & then as it began to drag, Orton hits the RKO Outta Nowhere.  Which leads me to my second thought, Owens sold the crap out of that RKO. Go back & watch at 2:45 in. KO made it look like he had no premonitions that Orton was about to deliver that & used no arms or hands to take that faceplant. Well done, sir. Third observation was that Shane added all 3 competitors to the upcoming pay-per-view. That’s cool, except you know, it’s called CLASH OF CHAMPIONS! NONE OF THESE GUYS ARE CHAMPIONS! Again, Shane just changes things as he sees fit. So can we now call this upcoming event, “Clash of Champions plus a non-title tag match?”  Yep, rolls right off the tongue. Shane also made the main event match between Sami & Randy, with Kevin handcuffed to the ring ropes. Ok, so let’s fast forward now to the end of the show & see what happened in the main event:

First things first, at 1:41 Sami made that top rope suplex look amazing. He sprung off that rope & held his legs at their highest point throughout the course of the rotation.  Incredible. Next, Shinsuke coming to Randy’s aid was somewhat expected. Orton needed a tag partner for the pay-per-view & whether it was this week or next, that partner would be revealed. Nakamura had nothing else going on so, why not? Afterward, Shane spoke to Daniel Bryan in the backstage area on camera:

Umm, can he do that? Pretty sure Vince has the last say on whether or not in-ring talent is fired from WWE. Maybe that’s where this is headed?  Shane sure looks to be displaying heel tendencies & with Bryan seeming to be somewhat sympathetic to Owens & Zayn’s plight, maybe this becomes an “anti-authority” storyline. Bryan would be all to familiar with that. I’m interested to see where this goes because the next few weeks could register a seismic shift with the current structure of Smack Down Live.


This week was heavy on promo segments. Let’s start with the women’s division. Before this week’s episode, it was announced that Natalya will face Charlotte at Clash of Champions for the Smack Down Live Women’s title. This riled up Carmella, Lana, & Tamina enough to address Daniel Bryan:

So apparently Daniel is very prejudicial. Tattoos, big game hunters, southerners, blondes, & anyone who’s not in the Bella Army are the type of women that Bryan is opposed to helping according to these women….some of whom are now “afterthoughts.”  Okay then, Tamina faced Charlotte later….

That 3 part promo from the Riott Squad was terrible. It sounded so canned & rehearsed. So that was the women’s contribution to Smack Down this week. Hopefully, next week will bring more excitement as we get ready for the Lumberjack match at Clash of Champions. One last thing, thank you Vince for resisting your temptation to call this a “Lumber Jill Match.”  It was very 2017 of you.


Then there were more promo segments, like this one featuring Mojo Rawley blaming Zack Ryder for holding him back:

Great stuff, Mojo. Nobody really cares unfortunately.


Yet another backstage promo segment but this time featuring Bobby Roode, Baron Corbin, & Dolph Ziggler discussing mathematics:

I actually think Dolph saved this segment, but it still wasn’t very good overall. However, it got us to a match between Roode & Corbin with Ziggler on commentary:

Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Clash of Champions now has a Triple Threat match for the United States championship. That’s the way to get everyone involved, right? Let’s just add more wrestler into the matches! Oy vey. That theory was put in play yet again for the tag team division.


But first, 12 days of Rusev as presented Aiden English…..

Rusev Day > New Day, enough said. Following the match, it was announced that there will be a Fatal 4 way match for the Smack Down Live Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions.  The teams will be The Usos, The New Day, Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable, and Rusev & Aiden English. The losing teams will receive participation trophies afterwards.  Just kidding, but there goes that theory again. Just add more wrestlers.


So far on the Clash of Champions card we have: the non title holders tag match, the Fatal 4 way tag title match, the Women’s title Lumberjack match, the U.S. title Triple Threat match, & A.J. Styles versus Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship without any weird stipulation. A very effective week for Smack Down Live, as they turn the corner toward their go home show next week. It seems like their card is pretty much set. Heck, I think they might even have the pre-show covered already too….

I’ll leave you with a team who could be possible pre-show contestants, The Bludgeon Brothers. They had a great squash match this week against 2 jobbers. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

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