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Cross-Court Cavs: The Streak Lives On!

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a tear, and it doesn’t look like anyone can stop them right now. That is the lesson four tough teams learned this week in basketball action for the Cavs, which all resulted in wins, setting the streak up to 11 games. The Cavs are firing on all cylinders, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

For this past week, the team started off in Philadelphia to match-up with the Sixers and “the Process.”  They came out red hot in the first half, and never looked back, with LeBron James pouring in 30 points and several other double digit scorers right behind him. It was an all around effort that proved how dominant the Cavs could be, in 113-91 victory fashion, and sent the hopeful city of Philadelphia looking for answers.

The next contest brought the team back home on Tuesday to welcome in LeBron’s former team, the Miami Heat. Kevin Love was the star of the show this time, dropping in 38 points in what was another dominant performance from the Cavs. The first quarter surge, led by Love, was an outburst of the offense the team has been searching for all year. It was yet another great upside to add to the streak with a 108-97 win.

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The final two battles of the week were much closer than the first two, with a 7 point victory in Atlanta on Thursday, and a 5 point win against Memphis on Saturday at home. Kevin Love and LeBron James led the way in both games, as the team took control of a rebuilding Atlanta team and showed a struggling Grizzlies team how to play a full 48 minutes. Both of these games were both learning experiences for the whole 14 man roster, as the leaders of the squad stepped up and showed us all how this team can get on a roll and never look back.

This week, overall, has been a part of an exciting stretch of the season for the Cavs. The streak is currently at 11 games, with a manageable week coming up next. The hype around the team is building up, and the guys are starting to embrace it, putting on a show we can only be more than excited about.

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