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3 Impacts From Impact

Another historic edition of Impact is in the books! What stood out the most on this action packed edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The Knockouts Championship tournament began with Laurel Van Ness, Madison Rayne, and KC Spinelli clashing in one of two three-way matches in the round robin. For Madison, this marked her return to the Impact Zone, and a chance to become a six-time Knockouts Champion. For KC, this was her first official appearance in the Impact Zone, and for Laurel, it was an opportunity to shine after a year in Impact Wrestling. In this hard fought and fast paced match, Laurel ended up emerging as the victor when she pinned KC, and she advances to the championship final, which will air on December 14. It was great seeing KC compete in the Impact Zone, and I can’t wait to see more of her!

The continuation of the Matt Sydal/Ethan Carter III angle was displayed, as the Impact Grand Champion was on commentary during Sydal’s contest against Tyson Dux. EC3’s continuous criticism of Sydal is that he can’t win big matches, referencing Sydal beating Lashley yet coming up short in his Global Championship opportunity. Sydal was victorious over Dux, and following his victory, it was announced that Sydal will receive a shot at the Grand Championship on the next Impact. I do sense that the “close but no cigar” tag will be removed from Sydal after everything is settled.

Speaking of things being (possibly) settled, Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron finally had their grudge match stemming from the events of Bound For Glory. Global Champion Eli Drake stated that he would have a front row seat to see the two championship contenders go at each other, and he certainly did, as it was Eli’s interference that led to Johnny winning. Eli then went after Johnny and Alberto, with Chris Adonis assisting him. However, at that moment, Petey Williams, who had a shot at the title before, went after the champion, and the show ended with Petey and Johnny celebrating. I dare say that the top title picture has become crowded, and I am curious to see who will emerge as Eli’s next contender. It may be more than one challenger.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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