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The Bear Cave: Week 11


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The Bear Cave

Match-up: Detroit Lions (5-4, 2nd in the NFC North,) vs. Chicago Bears (3-6, 4th in the NFC North)

Time and Location: 12 pm CT kickoff. Soldier Field, Chicago, IL.

Betting info: Lions, -3. Over/Under, 41.


Game Balls:

No one. This game was an absolute joke. It was terrible to watch (and be at). The Bears should be embarrassed they came out on a bye week against a Green Bay team coming off a short week with that pathetic performance. For a team that looked to be turning the corner, this was a huge step in the wrong direction.

Few bright and shining spots – Dontrelle Inman and Leonard Floyd. Both looked very energetic and looked promising.

State of the Bears:

John Fox’s days as Bears head coach should be numbered right now. The Bears had no excuse to come out and not beat the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday. The Bears came out and laid a big duck. The Packers not only were on a short week, they traveled to Chicago, had their top two running backs gets hurt, and were led by a QB who had less starts than Mitch Trubisky. This is epitome John Fox Chicago Bears era.

On top of all of this, Fox challenged a play that ended a Bears possession in the red zone. Fox said he got a call from upstairs – two coaches – that he should challenge a play. In the play, Benny Cunningham made a lunge at the end zone with the ball, looking to score. Cunningham was incorrectly ruled out of bounds. Fox and company threw the red flag, hoping to get a touchdown out of it. When referee Tony Corrente came back to explain, it was ruled that Cunningham did indeed not step out, but in the process lost possession of the ball. It was ruled a Bears win on the challenge, but they lost the ball in the process. Packer ball, no score.

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This play totally change the entire game, and maybe put a cherry on the top of the John Fox era in Chicago. I never like to talk about job security, because obviously families depend on it, but if Fox were to be fired, I would be alright with it. Why not make the move now? What would you lose? More ballgames? Why not see what you really have in house with a guy like Fangio and Loggains? See how they work without Fox around and see how the team responds?

The Bears schedule does not get much lighter this week with a Lions team that is looking to make a run at not only the postseason, but a run at the division.


Quick Hits, Game Preview:

  • Matthew Stafford got paid this off-season. He is now the highest paid player in league history.
  • Did he deserve it? Probably not, but that’s the market and time we live in.
  • The former #1 out of Georgia has been nothing but great for the Lions. He has not yet won a playoff game, but he has gotten to the playoffs multiple times. That’s half the battle.
  • Detroit knows who their guy is and they believe in him.
  • Stafford can sling the rock and is not afraid to get mobile. He is not afraid to lay it on the line at times for his team. He is truly a fun QB to watch. I truly respect him.
  • Detroit has not had a running back run for 100 yards or more since 2013 – Reggie Bush. If they had any type of running game, the Lions would be an even bigger threat of an offense for Stafford and company.
  • The Lions have a nice receiving corp. headlined by Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. They continue to look to replace Calvin Johnson – which no one can do. But these two have had a nice season so far for Stafford.
  • The Bears are struggling – big time. The offense needs a big boost.
  • It was nice to see Trubisky be unleashed a little towards the end of the game against the Packers, but Trubisky continues to try and make too many plays with his feet.
  • Trubisky has taken too many sacks of late. This does not bode well for an offense who is going to face a loaded box on a regular basis and a defense that will mix up coverages.
  • The Bears defense actually looked a little out of whack last Sunday as well. Sure, they were on the field a lot – but at times they let up big plays. The Bears also did not generate any turnovers last week. Something they had been doing as of late.
  • It will make or break for the Bears at this point. If Fox wants to keep his job, the Bears better show up to win on Sunday, and for many of the Sundays following. There aren’t many left…

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The Lions are looking to make a move to playoffs. The Bears are already looking to make moves for the off-season. Both teams are headed in different directions. This doesn’t bode well for the Bears. At least they are at home?

Lions 24, Bears 13.

As always,

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