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This is the first of a new weekly article where I plan to give you the fans 10 happenings wither they be rumors, opinions or facts about the wrestling business. Everything is up for grabs WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor, NXT and the independent circuit as well. These 10 things are in no particular order so throw everyone out of the ring, and let’s start the 10 Count!

Remember a few weeks ago when Neville supposedly walked out, wanted out and asked for his release? Well, multiple sources are telling me that Neville is coming back to WWE! I am so happy about this. From what I am hearing, Neville will come back either at the Survivor Series event this Sunday or perhaps the 205 Live following Survivor Series. I also now expect Enzo to retain his title so an immediate feud can begin between he and Neville unless the 205 writers are subscribing to the theory that you don’t need a belt when you have a good rivalry in which Neville should cause Enzo to loose the title at Survivor Series.

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Speaking of 205 Live, the call up of Hideo Itami to the main roster to 205 Live is suppose to take place the week after Survivor Series. But, there are a few rumblings that once his contract expires at the end of this January, that he will be returning to Japan. He is supposedly unhappy with how WWE is using him as well, much like Neville was unhappy in the same regard. We will keep you updated on this evolving story.

Lucha Underground will be back for season number 4. We do not know when they will start taping or when the episodes will air on the El Rey Network except that it will be sometime in 2018. As more details become available we will bring them to you and as we always have we will cover every episode right here on @cleatgeeks. Here is the promotional video posted to the Lucha Underground YouTube Channel.

I am being told that several male talents are upset that Alberto El Patron has his own private locker room. He had this private locker room at both the Bound For Glory event and also the t.v. tapings the days that followed. Talent that has been with Impact Wrestling, have paid their dues and been with the company for much longer think him having his own locker room, which is his own private trailer, is unfair. But, Impact Wrestling has virtually no choice as him having his own private dressing room is in his contract. Plus, I have also been informed that Alberto let before the final day of Impact tapings, therefore we assume that he might not even appear on the final tapping for the show.

There was a major change to the Raw men’s traditional 5 on 5 match tonight on Raw. There was an angle where first Stephanie in the opening segment was questioning Kurt’s reasoning for having Jason Jordan as the final member of the 5 on 5 elimination match. She was hinting as though he was favoring Jordan because he was his son and not doing the right thing for the Raw brand. Kurt then decides to make a match later in the program for Jordan to face the returning Bray Wyatt. Jordan wins the match despite an obvious injury that occurred during the match to his knee. As soon as the match concluded a furious Wyatt attacked Jordan and did more damage to the already injured knee striking it against the ring post. Kurt is then shown talking to his son asking him if he is 100% to which he replies he will be by Sunday. A couple segments latter Kurt comes to the ring and the story unfolds into this…….

This was brilliant writing, and I fully expect this to be the kickstart that leads to HHH vs Kurt Angle at WrestleMania.

Raw will finally retaliate against Smackdown this Tuesday night with the show in Charlotte North Carolina. I know that The Shield will be a part of the show, but that is all I can confirm. I do expect to see other superstars from Raw at Smackdown but I think it makes more sense and I fully expect Raw superstars to individually attack Smackdown superstars at different points of the show to hype the individual rivalries instead of a under siege type segment that Smackdown did on Raw a few weeks ago.

Here is my opinion on a rumor. A lot of different people I talk to and almost everything I read say that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were sent home early from the European tour because they are being disciplined for not staying in the ring after their match last Tuesday and allowing the New Day to beat then up. Personally, I think the whole thing is a work and you will see them appear again on Survivor Series costing the Smackdown brand to loose the 5 on 5 match to Raw.

Image result for beer moneyImpact Wrestling is in some real trouble. As most of you already know James Storm has already became the latest superstar to leave the company. Which makes me wonder if we will ever see a reunion of Beer Money. The father and son team of Earl and Brian Hebner as well as long time referee Brian Stiffler were all granted their release from Impact Wrestling. The job of a ref is much more than meets the eye. Most of the matches on Impact wrestling look thrown together and with inexperienced refs, the product may get worse. The Bound For Glory event was just done in Canada, Anthem, who now owns the show is headquartered in Canada and they are currently doing Impact tapings in the days that followed BFG that will carry television til January. All 3 of these res were told that they would not be used at either BFG or the tapings afterword, so they all asked and were granted their release. Lastly, Impact Wrestling did not sell enough tickets to their BFG event so they actually had to hire an outside agency to pay people between $50.00 and $75.00 each to sit in the arena and cheer. That is pitiful, not to mention that the heavyweight title still had the wrong side plates and seemed to have a sticker covering the old belts until they can afford to buy new ones.

We have already talked about the cruiserweights at 205 Live getting a few new wrestlers in returning Neville, Hideo Itami and as most of you probably saw they also had Paul Dundee make his debut as well when Raw was in England. But there are also two former Impact Wrestlers who could also be making their way to 205 Live soon. The first is Crazy Steve who teamed with Abyss and Rosemary in his last action to form Decay. He has been working at the performance center for a few months and said to be progressing well. The second is the wrestler know on Impact as Rockstar Spud. He is in negotiations with WWE after he was released from Impact. From all indications, he wants to completely skip NXT and go right up to the main roster by joining the cast of 205 Live, but as of this writing nothing has been signed or made official.

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Finally, we have some interesting NXT news for you as well. This Saturday on the Takeover Hpuston there is a War Games match. The WWE has released the rules for that match, so we will share them with you. Like other War Games matches there will be two rings side by side with one large cage covering both rings. One member of each of the three teams will start the match. The remaining 2 members from each team will be locked in shark cages that will be located on the entrance ramp. After a five minute period, one of the shark cages will open and both remaining members, will then be able to enter the match. This time after a 3 minute peirod, one of the remaining two shark cages will open and those two members will be allowed in. After a second three minute time period, the final cage will open and the final group will enter the match. But a pinfall or submission can only occur after all parties have entered into the cage.



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