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3 Impacts From Impact

The first Impact after Bound For Glory is in the books, and what an explosive aftermath it was! What stood out the most just four nights after the dust settled? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Of course, Johnny Impact was looking for Alberto El Patron’s head after he screwed him over at Bound For Glory. You can only get screwed so many times before you snap, and as witnessed earlier, Johnny drove like a bat out of you-know-where to the Impact Zone to get his hands on Alberto. His moment came in the main event segment, with Johnny and Alberto brawling all over the backstage area (with Braxton Sutter and Caleb Konley being unwilling participants) before finally taking the fight to the ring. All the while, Alberto continued his rant from BFG; blaming Impact for (in his words) screwing him out of the World Title. This thing is far from over!

Is Matt Sydal on his way to becoming Grand Champion? That seemed to be the sentiment on post-BFG Impact, as following his victory, Sydal was encountered by the Impact Grand Champion, Ethan Carter III. EC3 appeared to be congratulating Sydal, only to later label him as a “choke artist.” The comments stemmed from Sydal’s failures to win titles, with his latest coming at BFG, where he participated in an X Division Championship six-way match. The “close but no cigar” gimmick has been done to death in wrestling, with a huge example being Jeff Hardy during his main event push in WWE from 2007-2008. We will most likely see this with Sydal, and it will most likely lead to him becoming Grand Champion.

In Knockouts action, Allie defeated KC Spinelli in a clash between Canadian Knockouts in Windsor. After her match, Allie revealed that Gail will make an announcement on the next Impact, and I would think it would be the vacation of the Knockouts Championship. Gail won the title for the seventh and final time at BFG, allowing her to retire on top. I myself cannot wait to see what happens with the Knockouts following the inevitable vacation of the title. It should be a very interesting journey!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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