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Total Diva Fallout (Season 7, Episode 2)

Welcome to the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps the latest episode of Total Divas! This week, a look back at the episode, “Dress Like A Champ.”

Image result for total divas season 7Alexa Bliss took center stage in the episode, which had Maryse suggesting that now that Alexa is champion, she should dress like one as well. Despite marching to her own drummer and feeling uncomfortable with such a concept, Alexa went along, with Nia going with both of them. I myself wasn’t crazy about Maryse’s suggestion to Alexa, and this was because of what she would mention later in the episode. It had been documented that Alexa had suffered from body image issues in the past; she mentioned this to Lilian Garcia in a podcast interview. She had been pressured to lose weight, despite her already slender frame, and Maryse’s fashion suggestions brought back those memories of being told what to look like.

The episode was a continuation from last week, as we took a look at Lana’s in-ring debut. It was this past summer that Lana debuted with a new gimmick which led to her first singles match; a title opportunity against Naomi at Money In The Bank. We would see Lana as she dealt with harsh criticism from fans, mainly centered around her in-ring ability. She began to wonder if she actually is good enough to compete in the ring, but that didn’t stop her from performing during her arc with Naomi. Lana was given the word from Mark Carrano that she would be taken out of the ring, which, IMO, was the right move. I think she did well in her matches, but they need to take it slow with her. They’ve had her with Tamina while still competing occasionally, I think that’s good and smart; she’ll take time to improve and she’ll be ready to be used as a regular competitor in due time.

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We also saw the introduction of Carmella to the program, following a recap of her winning the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. She gave us her background as a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Lakers, and of course, she mentioned her boyfriend, Big Cass, so expect to see him on TD. The Carmella intro cleverly transitioned into the Natalya/Naomi story, which had the two of them babysitting Brie Bella’s daughter Birdie Joe. Naomi did most of the work, as Nattie had trepidations about having kids, but Brie revealing her own fears about motherhood eased Nattie’s own thoughts.

That’s the Total Diva Fallout! Until next week!

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