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Royally Yours: Free Agency

The 2017 MLB season is officially over and free agency will begin this week. Players hitting free agency will be able to sign contracts beginning Tuesday. The Royals will have a lot of players hitting free agency this season. This free agency period will be important for the future roster construction of the Royals.


Last week pitcher Ian Kennedy decided not to opt out of his remaining three years with the Royals. He will make $ 49 million in the remaining years of his contract. Last season Kennedy had 5.38 ERA and a record of 5-13. Kennedy could be valuable for the Royals in the future despite his struggles last season. The Royals do not have a lot of depth at starting pitcher and Ian Kennedy will fill an important spot on the roster.

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The Royals could potentially lose some key pieces of their roster during free agency. Eight players will hit free agency this season. Melky Cabrera, Trevor Cahill, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Peter Moylan, and Jason Vargas all officially have become free agents. These players will have the opportunity to sign with any team on Tuesday. The Royals future will depend on which free agents decide to return to the team.


The Royals are able to sign any player hitting the free agent market. Starting pitching is a big need for the team and they will likely sign a free agent. They will need another player to complete the starting rotation. The Royals also need to improve the depth of the outfield. The Royals could target a low cost outfielder to improve the position group. There are a few holes on the Royals roster that could be filled in free agency as well.


It is an important time for the Royals and the decisions they make this off-season will have a big impact on the next few seasons. If they decide to re-sign the players hitting free agency they will remain playoff contenders but will not have money to fill the other holes on the roster. If they do not re-sign the free agents they will have more money to improve weaker positions but will be in a rebuilding mode for a few seasons. Free agency will be an eventful time for the Royals because the roster could change drastically this off-season. The signings over the next couple weeks will impact the future of the franchise.

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