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3 and 2 Count New York Yankees

I have never done this before, but have been posted a few questions by the editor of this site so bear with me as I answer. We all know that a 3-2 count can go either way as can my responses. I hope I draw a walk.

As the editor of @cleatgeeks, I came up with a way to put a bow on the 2017 season and also start to look forward to the 2017 season. Therefore, here is the 3-2 count, 3 questions about the 2017 season and 2 questions that should (if I did my job right) get us thinking about the 2018 season.

The 3 Count

1) Does minor leager Gleyber Torres make Todd Frazier expendable, or should they try to sign him?

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I was asked about Gleyber Torres and if he makes Todd Frazier expendable. Of course he does. We all loved the player we got thrown in the trade with the White Sox. Frazier was fun to watch with his thumbs down movement, his sudden bursts of offensive production and good glove. However we need to remember that Torres is the top ranked player in all of minor league baseball. He suffered a season ending injury on his non-throwing arm and had Tommy John surgery. He’ll be back in the spring and hopefully our starting third baseman on opening day.

2) In that same deal that brought them Frazier they also received two bullpen pieces in Tommy Kahnle and David Robinson. With that in mind, give the Yankees 2016 bullpen a grade. Then explain your grade.Image result for david robinson yankees

Rate the pen… Over the entire season they get a B. CAN ANYONE FORGET TYLER CLIPPARD? And the struggles of Betances and Chapman? How many saves that were blown? But bring on the post season. They were golden which is why my ranking is elevated to B. Who can forget the one game wildcard game that Severino only made it through 1/3 inning and how they saved that game? We had many up and downs over the course of the year, but they were a bright spot. If Dellin gets over his woes, they will be lights out next year.

3) Most people who follow the Yankees thought that reaching the play-offs this season was a year or two ahead of schedule. Was being looked at as being ahead of schedule now but unwanted pressure on the team moving forward? Why or why not?

Reaching the post season. Was it too much pressure on a young team? Hell to the NO! This team is DESTINED for better things. They make me smile with the thought of a parade in the Canyon of Heroes. The berth and success in the post season only prepared them for what’s to come. I’m convinced that Masahiro Tanaka didn’t opt out of his contract knowing that soon he and his teammates will be World Champions.

The 2 Count

1) I have watched Justice Sheffield pitch a couple times in the Arizona Fall League this season. Do you see him having a role on the major league club this season? Why or why not?

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Justus Sheffield… Hmm. I saw a tweet today touting this young man. However I see the Yankees being extremely protective over young players, especially pitchers. Everyone was screaming for Chance Adams to come up which didn’t happen this year. And Sheffield is a level below. I don’t see it happening until possibly after the roster expands.

2) Do you see either CC Sabathia or Michael Pineda in Yankee pinstripes next season? Why or why not?

CC? THE YANKEES WOULD BE FOOLISH NOT TO BRING HIM BACK! A proven team leader, motivator, not to mention a Paul O’Neill type warrior. I need to say no more. He has expressed his desire to remain a Yankee. Please bring him back and let him win his second ring next year when we do.

3 and 2. I hope this Yankees fan has answered and hit a home run on a meatball. Forget about a walk. LET’S GO YANKEES!

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  1. Luke Gyurkovic

    November 12, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    I feel exactly the same about everything. Great Job Shelley!

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