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Top Ten Thursday; NHL Hockey

Week 5 of the NHL seasons has come to an end. With many teams surprising us this earlier who knows what to expect going forward.

10. New York Islanders (8-5-2) Previous Rank: N/A
Last game: Lost to the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 in OT
Next game: Dallas Stars
The team is impressive with Tavares and they need someone like Eberle to step up and start scoring more.


9. Winnipeg Jets (8-3-3) Previous Rank: N/A
Last game: Defeated the Dallas Stars 4-1
Next game: Las Vegas Golden Knights
The Jets have a strong goalie and offensive fire power and now all we have to do is wait to see what Patrik Laine is capable of.


8. Pittsburgh Penguins (8-6-2) Previous Rank: 8
Last game: Defeated the Arizona Coyotes 3-1
Next game: Washington Capitals
The Penguins found success in their power-play performance (28.8%) so they were able to prove they still have the ability to score.


7. Toronto Maple Leafs (9-7-0) Previous Rank: 2
Last game: Minnesota Wild
Next game: Boston Bruins
The team can score and goaltending is an area of concern but right now Toronto needs to focus on both Komarov and Marner.


6. Las Vegas Golden Knights (9-5-1) Previous Rank: 3
Last game: Lost to the Montreal Canadians 3-2
Next game: Winnipeg Jets
The goalie position has faced a lot of injuries early on and the team needs Marc Andre Fleury back after allowing 6 goals in back to back games.


5. New Jersey Devils ( 9-4-1) Previous Rank: 6
Last game: Lost to the St. Louis Blues 3-1
Next game: Edmonton Oilers
The young Devils know how to score. Will Butcher is fantastic during power-play and Nico Hishier has 10 points through 13 games


4. Columbus Blue Jackets (9-5-0) Previous Rank: 9
Last game: Lost to the Nashville Predators 3-1
Next game: Carolina Hurricanes
Panarin is tied for the team lead in point even with only 2 goals so far. The Blue Jackets are just waiting for the young stars to start making a big impact.


3. St. Louis Blues (12-3-1) Previous Rank: 5
Last game: defeated the NJ Devils 3-1
Next game: Arizona Coyotes
​The Blues have surprised here early. The defense has held up nicely this season and Schwartz has been fantastic.


2. Los Angeles Kings (11-2-2) Previous Rank: 4
Last game: Defeated the Anaheim Ducks 4-3
Next game: Tampa Bay Lightning
Jonathan Quick is an elite goalie once again and the Kings lead in goals allowed per game.


1. Tampa Bay Lightning (11-2-2) Previous Rank: 1
Last game: San Jose Sharks
Next game: Los Angeles Kings
If both Stamkos and Kucherov can stay healthy this season the Lightning could have the best offense in the NHL.

We were having slight trouble with our site on Thursday. Therefore, we published this article on Friday despite the title, and the next and last game stats reflected games on Wednesday for the Thursday article deadline. We apologize for any confusion.

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