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3 Impacts From Impact (Bound For Glory Edition)

A historic, chaotic, and controversial Bound For Glory is in the books, and what an amazing event it was. Who delivered the biggest shocker? What stood out the most? Who had people talking? These questions will be answered on the Bound For Glory edition of 3 Impacts From Impact!

Let’s address the elephant in the Impact Zone. Despite huge outcries against this, BFG marked the return of Alberto El Patron, and he was definitely red hot. He went out of his way to accuse the powers that be of sabotaging him and not contacting him during his personal issues, which he claimed innocence on. And he even got in the face of Jeremy Borash, who was definitely fearful for his safety. Alberto promised to steal and hijack the main event for what he considered “his” World Title, and he did just that. He pulled out the referee, then took out both Johnny Impact and Eli Drake, but placed Eli over Johnny, allowing the champion to retain. Lord knows what will happen next, but it won’t be pretty.

The contest between Abyss and Grado was an interesting one; as we all know, Grado’s work visa in the US was on the line after Joseph Park basically used him to and worked him at various events only to embezzle from Grado’s earnings. Grado brought it to Abyss in the Monster’s Ball match, but at that moment, the evil Laurel Van Ness interfered and attacked Grado; clearly as revenge for Grado breaking up with her. Laurel was actually doing her usual thing: parading around the crowd looking for a companion, but once she saw Grado, she took the opportunity to cement her heel turn and go after the second man to dump her this calendar year. Laurel’s attack was halted by Rosemary, who was originally scheduled to face Taya at the event. Instead, the Demon Assassin sprayed her mist at Laurel, and what looked like a Decay reunion turned into Abyss going after Rosemary. Despite Rosemary taking Laurel out, Grado still ended up on the losing end, and he will have to leave the US for good. Laurel’s heel turn and Rosemary’s appearance were epic, but the one downer is that Grado’s happy ending did not come.

The Knockouts Championship did have a proper storybook ending, as Gail Kim defeated Sienna and Allie to win the title for the seventh and final time. It was months ago that Gail announced that she would hang up her wrestling boots at the end of the year, but she promised that she would retire on top. Her first attempt to regain the title from Sienna was thwarted by the returning and villainous Taryn Terrell, but she would receive another chance at Bound For Glory. The match was hard fought between the three combatants, but it ended up with the Hall of Famer emerging victorious and retiring as champion. Gail’s win surpassed Angelina Love for the most Knockouts Championship reigns, and adding her tag title reign and her WWE Women’s Championship, Gail has actually won nine championships between WWE and Impact, matching Mickie James’ tally. The question is this: How will a new champion be crowned once Gail vacates the title on Thursday?

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact’s Bound For Glory! The aftermath starts this Thursday! Until then!

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