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Top Ten Thursday; NFL Football

Week 8 has finally concluded and here are the Top 10 teams in the league heading into week 9.

10. New Orleans Saints (5-2) Previous Rank: N/A
Last Game: Defeated the Chicago Bears 20-12
Next Game: Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Saints offense has been energetic behind veteran Drew Brees. Defense has a new look compared to last season.


9. Buffalo Bills (5-2) Previous Rank: N/A
Last Game: Defeated the Oakland Raiders 34-14
Next Game: Thursday night against the New York Jets
LeSean McCoy and the defense continue to lift the Bills into the promise land.


8. Dallas Cowboys (4-3) Previous Rank: 5
Last Game: Defeated the Washington Redskins 33-19
Next Game: Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs
With Zeke likely being suspended both Dak and the Defense will have to step up their game.


7. Minnesota Vikings (6-2) Previous Rank: 9
Last Game: Defeated the Cleveland Browns 33-16
Next Game: Bye
Injuries have been an issue on offense but defense is strong enough to keep them in the game.


6. Los Angeles Rams (5-2) Previous Rank: 6
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Sunday against the New York Giants
Defense continues to excite and young players such as Goff and Gurley continue to amaze.


5. Seattle Seahawks (5-2) Previous Rank: 7
Last Game: Defeated the Houston Texans 41-38
Next Game: Sunday against the Washington Redskins
Offensively the team isn’t the same from recent years, hopefully the trade for OT Duane Brown can help prove Wilson some coverage to ignite the offense.


4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) Previous Rank: 3
Last Game: Defeated the Denver Broncos 29-19
Next Game: Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys
Defense continues to impress and Alex Smith continues to prove everybody wrong with his skills.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) Previous Rank: 4
Last Game: Defeated the Detroit Lions 20-15
Next Game: Bye
Offense is key throughout the year and the defense needs to continue to apply pressure moving forward.


2. New England Patriots (6-2) Previous Rank: 2
Last Game: Defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 21-13
Next Game: Bye
Tom Brady will stop at nothing this season and will continue to lead the Patriots into the promise land.


1.Philadelphia Eagles (7-1) Previous Rank: 1
Last Game: Defeated the San Francisco 49ers 33-10
Next Game: Sunday against the Denver Broncos
With Jay Ajayi being acquired expect this offense to be even a bigger threat in coming years.



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