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Where Should Eli Be Traded To? It Is Not The Jags.

Lets tackle the first part of the equation. Should Eli Manning even be traded?
Here, realistically, is where the Giants really are……1-6 and not making the play-offs. Consequently, with their 1-6 record they will be battling the 49ers and Browns for the #1 pick in the 2018 draft. The 2018 quarterback class is deep and even with the forth or fifth pick you could still get a “franchise” quarterback. Plus, they have Davis Webb, the quarterback they stole (in my opinion) in the third round of the 2016 draft.
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Their 1-6 record is not Eli’s fault. The Titans, Rams and Jaguars all have a bye this week. These three teams have the following quarterbacks on their teams; Mariota, Goff, and Bortles. Those three quarterbacks have been sacked a total of 25 times, Eli has been sacked 17 times alone. Yet, Eli has more yards (1600), Touchdowns (10) and completions (161) than any of the other three quarterbacks in this example. Moreover, the team as a whole scores an average of 16 points per game, which ranks 30th in the league. What does that mean? Eli is the offence.
Dissecting the Giants further finds that the offensive woes just complicates the team’s problems. The defense gets tired and run down by games end. Mainly because of the number 27:35, or the number of minutes and seconds the Giants average in time of possession per game, which is dead last in the NFL. The problem also compounds itself more when your third down completion percentage is 32.6% which is 30th in the league. Injuries have decimated this team, most of them are of the season ending variety.
Yes, the Giants should Eli Manning, play Webb and see if he will be the new “franchise” quarterback and then draft a running back, which they also desperately need. Or if Webb flops, then draft your next “franchise” quarterback with the afore mentioned deep draft class of the upcoming draft.
But, Where do They Trade Eli to?
Most people assume that if Eli gets traded he will go to a team who just is looked at as needing that one more piece, such as the Jags or the Browns. But, what about a team of desperation?
Image result for carson palmer cardinals injuryThe Arizona Cardinals are desperate. They lost David Johnson week one, a few weeks later they take a gamble on Adrian Peterson, get a one week spark, then get trampled by the Rams in London. The Cardinals are full of guys that in their current by-line it starts with the words, “his best days are behind him.” Carson Palmer, who broke his left arm in that sad London shutout that has landed officially on injured reserve, and on the shelf for at least 8 weeks. Then there is Larry Fitzgerald, the afore mentioned Adrian Peterson and even head coach Bruce Arians himself fall into that category. As of week 1 the Arizona were the oldest team as far as average player age in the NFL. Their window of opportunity has been slammed shut. But, a healthy Eli Manning, who by the way with his next start will have then started 220 consecutive games, he could prop the window back open. for at least a couple more seasons before they start the complete rebuild of the franchise.
Lastly, just in case you were wondering, Eli is signed for this season and next season at a guaranteed salary of $13 Million this year (which would be prorated in the middle of a season) and $10.5 guaranteed next season, not counting any bonuses paid.

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