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Top Ten Thursday; NHL Hockey

Three weeks of the NHL have finally been completed and with the amount of talent each team possess this season there are a couple new faces in this week’s Top Ten. Four to be exact, one of those new entrants debuts in the top five! Plus, a new #1 team, a surprise team that has now crept into the top five.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins (6-3-1) Previous Rank: 4
Last game: defeated the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 Tuesday night in overtime
Next Game: tonight against the Winnipeg Jets
Goaltending lead to a rough start but Pittsburgh can make trades and find players that can help them make a run for a three peat.


9. Philadelphia Flyers (5-4-0) Previous Rank: N/A
​Last Game: Lost to the Anaheim Ducks 6-2 on Tuesday night
​Next Game: tonight against the Ottawa Senators
​Flyers fans should be happy with Nolan Patrick as he has been excellent this season and will be for years to come.


8. Ottawa Senators (4-1-4) Previous Rank: N/A
​Last Game: Lost to the Kings 3-2 on Tuesday
​Next Game: tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers
​The injury to Karlsson hurts and the defensively there are question with signing Oduya they could quickly turn things around.


7. New jersey Devils (6-2-0) Previous Rank: N/A
​Last Game: Lost to the San Jose Sharks 3-0 on Friday
​Next Game: Friday night against the Ottawa Senators
​Goaltending is a huge question. But the Devils can finally turn it around with first overall pick Nico Hischier and a mix of veterans.


6. St Louis Blues (7-2-1) Previous Rank: 7
​Last Game: Wednesday defeating the Calgary Flames
​Next Game: Friday against the Carolina Hurricanes
​They have quality scoring as well as solid goaltending.


5. Los Angeles Kings (7-1-1) Previous Rank: N/A
​Last Game: Defeated the Senators 3-2 in a shootout on Tuesday
​Next Game: Tonight against the Canadiens
​Ben Bishop has been a terrific signing as he has only allowed 14 goals and offensively they have found themselves on a steady path.


4. Las Vegas Golden Knights (7-1-0) Previous Rank: 4
​Last Game: Defeated the Blackhawks 4-2 on Tuesday
​Next Game: Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche
​Historic start of the season but both goalies are out long-term with injuries.


3. Chicago Blackhawks (5-3-2) Previous Rank: 1
​Last Game: Lost to the Golden Nights 4-2 on Tuesday
​Next Game: Friday night against the Nashville Predators
​They started off the season hot but injuries and poor power play execution resulted in a rough week.


2. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-2-0) Previous Rank: 2
​Last Game: Defeated the Kings 3-2 on Monday
​Next Game: Tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes
​Fast, young, and with a good mix of veteran players no wonder they lead the league in scoring.


1.Tampa Bay Lightning (8-1-1)
​Last Game: Defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 5-1 on Tuesday
​Next Game: Tonight against the Red Wings
​Stamkos and Kucherov lead the league in points and if Tampa can stay injury free this may be their year.

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