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Smack Down was live this week from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I know this because the usual graphic was displayed at the beginning of the show, but Michael Cole announced their location & even Shane McMahon said “What’s up Milwaukee?” when he kicked off the show. Somewhat unusual for Smack Down to verbally announce their host city & even less common for Shane as of recent. Many might argue that the show actually began late Monday night on Raw…..

Yeah, #undersiege right? Because everything needs a hashtag attached to it, with the hopes it becomes a trend on Twitter. I hated every moment of this attack by Smack Down.  Everything from the logic of their attack, to the erasure of current feuds, the staged scene after staged scene of different attacks, to the complete execution of the segment. Nobody involved looked comfortable in their roles, especially Shane & Kurt. Nothing about this segment seemed well thought out to me & it came off like it was a WWE competitor’s product, instead of a hallmark segment that WWE could be proud of. Like I said earlier, Shane kicked off Tuesday night’s Smack Down & attempted to explain his siege, but was interrupted by Sami Zayn:

I liked Sami’s pointed words toward Shane there. This was more along the lines of what I wrote about his character last week. As long as this progression continues, he should be fine. He really needs new entrance music though & sometime soon! As Sami said, he & Kevin were not present for #undersiege & also absent was Smack Down Live GM Daniel Bryan. I wonder what he thought of this tactic & did he know/help/plan this attack? Shane interrupts Bryan’s Candy Crush game here to clue us all in:

UGH!! I hate that every one on WWE programming that gets the last word has to do the stare & walk away move to leave the other person there speechless. It’s so formulaic & overdone. Even more so than the distracted, roll up in from behind. What could Shane possibly be telling us with that look on his face? “Does he really think that’s in his job description?” “How come he said that & then took 10 steps out of shot, just to stare back at me off-camera?” “Is there any food left in catering?” How about for once, someone acknowledges that there’s a camera right there with millions of people on the other side? Do something contemporary, my god. Anyways, Raw never showed up to get revenge in this episode. Kurt was probably still dumbfounded by the attack or trying to come up with his own retaliatory hashtag battle cry. So now Bryan & Shane could rest easier, taking less contentious snipes at each other….

I just can’t anymore with these two tonight. Young kids deliver their lines smoother in school plays than Bryan & Shane just did. I wish I could say something positive, but I seriously can’t.


Moving on to actual wrestling, there was a Fatal 5 way match between Becky Lynch, Carmella (minus Ellsworth, who went missing), Naomi, Charlotte, & Tamina. The winner of this match will captain the Smack Down women’s 5 member Survivor Series team. That’s a hefty title….not because it ultimately means much, its just very wordy. Sorry, I’m still ticked off from Shane & Bryan. Here was the match to decide the team’s captain:

Good for Becky! It’s about time she got some sort of proverbial bone thrown her way. Seems like a lifetime ago that she was the first female drafted to Smack Down & was once the Smack Down women’s champion. I like Becky & everything about her. Good promos, great wrestling, & comes off genuine to the fans. Hopefully, this leadership role will help amplify her character once again & put her back into the title picture once all this nonsense ends. Here is an example of what a good promo sounds like, by Becky Lynch, following her victory in the Fatal 5 way:

She seriously just made that whole ambush sound believable. I know Charlotte is the attraction because she is an amazing wrestler & she is a Flair, but Becky is a star. It often seems like Smack Down forgets that. I’ve heard a lot of people clamor for Charlotte versus Asuka in the future, but when you think about wrestling styles, I bet Becky versus Asuka would be just as good, if not better.


Take two: Sin Cara versus Baron Corbin (in consecutive weeks):

The Milwaukee crowd went from cheering Corbin at his entrance, to being indifferent to him during the match, to booing him at the disqualification, to cheering him again as he performed End of Days to Sin Cara outside of the ring. I guess you could say they came full circle. Corbin has gotten better & hopefully will continue to get better. He is what he is right now, stationary mid carder. Hard to believe he was in the Elimination Chamber with Cena, Ambrose, Miz, Styles, & Bray Wyatt earlier this year. He’s still young & was probably thrust into the main event spotlight a little too quickly, but at least Smack Down recognized it & took a different approach with him. His promos have definitely progressed, a direct result of his frequent appearances on Smack Talk. Here he is, fired up backstage, after his disqualification against Sin Cara:

As you can see, he can be an imposing personality. This was one of his better delivered promos & most fans will probably never see it because it was strictly for WWE’s YouTube page. But like I said, he’s still young.


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal did not appreciate Paul Heyman’s response on Monday night. The war of words continued Tuesday night, as Jinder called Heyman a “liar”, a “walrus” & said he was Brock’s “worst nightmare”…..

That was followed by the shortest match of the evening: A.J. Styles versus Sunil Singh:

This match was made last week, by Jinder. Mahal also took it upon himself to nominate Samir Singh as A.J.’s opponent next week. I will be curious which Singh match lasts longer.  This match timed out unofficially at 35 seconds.


Randy Orton & Sami Zayn battled for a spot on Smack Down Survivor Series team. Considering the on-going storylines between Sami & Shane, I think the right man won the match to represent Smack Down Live AND team with Shane McMahon to rep the blue brand:

So your first member of Team Blue is Randy Orton. Kevin Owens will face Shinsuke Nakamura next week with the same stipulation in their match.


Now for your weekly nonsense….Fashion Dogs:

At least we know James Ellsworth is safe & sound.


This week bestowed our third Bludgeon Brothers vignette to the Smack Down Live faithful:

even Renee Young was “shaken” by the B.B. Hammer duo…

So there’s a predictably long match between Ziggler & Roode next week. 2 out of 3 falls match? Get your popcorn ready fans!  Sounds like a 4 commercial break match to me.

In all seriousness, there should be a lot more to the Survivor Series storyline between now & then (hopefully).

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