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Packers Defense Marched On By Saints

Without Aaron Rodgers, other areas of the Packers roster are going to be asked to step up. Rodgers covers up a lot of weaknesses. He is the Packers great equalizer. But now one big area of the roster will be asked to pull more weight then normal in order for the Packers to hang around in the NFC North. As the 30 point scoring outputs that Rodgers generates will likely not be found on offense while he recovers from his broken collarbone, the defense will be looked to do a better job holding teams to more respectable opposing offensive production.

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With more being asked of the defense and Brett Hundley making his first career start, the defense did not hold up their end of the bargain outside of the turnover category.The defense was able to force two Drew Brees interceptions in the first quarter. Beyond the forced turnovers the defense did little else to help Hundley toward his first NFL win. Let’s go down the list:

Saints play count: 75 plays,  Packers play count: 50 plays

Saints total offensive yardage: 485, Packers total offensive yards: 260

Saints time of possession: 36:56, Packers time of possession: 23:04

Third down conversions Saints: 8/15, Third down conversions Packers: 4/11

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Could Hundley have played better? Sure and he will need to in future weeks. But with the numbers above largely tying back to the defenses inability to get off the field are not fixed it is going to be a long year in Packer land. The equation is a simple one. The longer the defense is on the field, the less opportunity Hundley and the offense have on it. The less time  Hundley and the offense spend on the field the less opportunity they have to score points. The less opportunity the offense has to score points the less margin for error the Packers have and ultimately the less chance they have of winning consistently without Rodgers.

The Packers offense needs help without their great equalizer. Help from a defense that has lived on Rodgers coat tails of making opponents score 30+ points to beat the Packers on a regular basis. Now the offense needs help. Help from a defense that must get themselves off the field to give their offense a fighting chance. Help on Sunday that never came as the numbers clearly show.


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