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3 & 2 Count; Kansas City Royals

Now we come to the off-season. But for fans, and especially for baseball writers, there is no off-season. As we wait to once again hear the crack of the bat in March, there is so much to do. So much speculation and rumors, so many hiring and firings and so many trades and free agents. Therefore, all the MLB writers from cleatgeeks are going to start the off-season with their favorite teams in a 3-2 count and try to predict and ponder if they strike out in the off-season or get on base.

Here are the 3 questions from this season.

1) What grade would you give the Royals for the 2017 season? Why? I would give the Royals a C+ grade for the 2017 season. They started to turn the season around after the All-Star break but were too inconsistent to make any progress. The Royals 35-41 record against divisional opponents was a big part of why they missed the playoffs. Overall, they had a disappointing season because they failed to play well when it mattered most.


2) Did you think not trading any of their 5 free agents and going all in for a play-off push was the right move? Why or why not? I do not think the Royals keeping their future free agents this season was a mistake. They still have a chance to re-sign a few of them and there was still the potential for a playoff run. The Royals will likely be in a rebuild mode for the next few seasons so it made sense to make one last push for the playoffs.

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3) Will Jorge Soler ever be a major contributor on the Big league roster? Why or why not? I think Jorge Soler will eventually be a big contributor for the Royals. The Royals were loaded at outfield positions last season and he spent most of the season at AAA Omaha. If they do not re-sign Lorenzo Cain I think Soler will be a starter for the Royals next season. I think Jorge Soler needs time, but could be a star for the Royals in the future.

Here are the 2 questions about the upcoming off-season.

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1) If you could only choose 2 of your 5 free agents and the length of time and money was equal. Which 2 would you choose and why? I would choose Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas. Cain has been one of the best center fielders in baseball the last few seasons. He is also a strong on offense for the Royals. I would choose Mike Moustakas because of his offensive breakout this season. I think Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas would be the best two players to keep moving forward.

2) Would you make any changes to the coaching staff this season? Why or why not? I would not make any changes to the coaching staff. The current coaching staff helped develop young players that won the World Series. The last two seasons have been poor because of injuries and depth not coaching.

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The Kansas City Royals are now in a 3-2 Count. Do you think they strike out, or get on base. And if they do get on base is it with only single, do they do a little more and hit a double, slightly more and get a 3 bagger, or do they do everything correct and hit a home run. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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