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3 Impacts From Impact

The clock is ticking; Bound For Glory is upon us! With just two weeks left, what announcements shook the world? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The Knockouts main evented Impact, with Taya facing off against Rosemary in a grudge match. This was Taya’s toughest test since joining Impact months ago, but she managed to pass with flying colors and defeat Rosemary. However, Taya’s attempted post-match attack was thwarted by Rosemary’s mist, which the Demon Assassin shot right in the eyes of her foe. Rosemary stated that she was not done with Taya, and she wouldn’t be until Taya bleeds! So it’s official. At Bound For Glory, Rosemary and Taya will face off again; this time in a First Blood Match!

The ongoing feud between Moose and Lashley (featuring Dan Lambert and America’s Top Team) has intensified immensely. After weeks of being on the lower end, Moose–with the help of Stephan Bonner–took possession of Dan’s collection of vintage wrestling belts (well, most of them, anyway). Dan and company appeared with what was left of his collection, calling himself a diehard professional wrestling fan; despite his claims that Lashley was wasting his talents in Impact. He then decided that he had no choice but to destroy pro wrestling, and he decided to challenge Moose and Bonnar to fight Lashley and King Mo. Sure enough, after being called out by Dan, Moose and Bonnar were assaulted by ATT, and they later took out many members of the Impact roster.

The saga between Grado and Joseph Park has taken a crazy turn of events. At first, Joseph Park was shown as not only a lawyer for Grado, but a friend, as he made many attempts to keep Grado from deportation. The plan to get him married to Laurel Van Ness was successful…until he found out she’s a Canuck. But Joseph came through again, as he signed Grado to work for Park, Park, and Park as a contracted wrestler, allowing him to remain and work in the country. But all was not as it seemed, as we have seen weeks of indications that Joseph had been skimming off the top; embezzling from Grado’s pay and using it on his own frills. Grado figured this out and confronted Joseph, who later stated that Grado wouldn’t be in the country if it wasn’t for him, while reminding him that he holds ownership of Grado’s visa. With that, Joseph challenged Grado to a one-on-one match with everything on the line. Grado wins, he gets his visa; he remains in the US. He loses, he’s gone for good. Grado signs the contract, but then there’s that fine print. Oh, that pesky fine print. Joseph revealed that their match will be a Monster’s Ball match, and it will actually be against Joseph’s brother, The Monster, Abyss! Wow! I’m anxious for this!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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