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The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part IV)

At long last, the finale; the conclusion of Ultima Lucha Tres has arrived, and with it comes the last Lucha Lowdown of the season!

The finale begins in the temple, where the lovely Melissa Santos performs her duties for the first match of the evening: Matanza vs El Dragon Azteca Jr. This match was made following Dario Cueto costing Rey Mysterio the Lucha Underground Championship; due to Rey’s battles against Matanza, and it was also made due to the fact that Dragon Azteca Jr is Rey’s main protege. The battle was grueling and back-and-forth, and it ended strangely, with Azteca tossed through the cage! Escape is the way to win and he was announced as the winner, but Dario decided (as usual) to turn the screws a bit; restarting the match and eliminating escape as an option! Azteca later got his hands on Dario and was set on handing him some justified violence, only for Matanza to save his brother.

In a shocker, we see Black Lotus return to the temple and take down Azteca–remember, Black Lotus was Azteca’s opponent last year, and she took him down and cost him the match against Matanza. However, Lotus went after Matanza with a low blow, and then confronted Dario, as she now knows that Cueto’s statement that Azteca’s father killed hers, was a lie. Dario basically admitted that he was a liar, and that was followed by Matanza taking down Lotus! Oh man!

Next up, Jeremiah Crane, Cage, and Mil Muertes facing off for the Gauntlet of the Gods, which Cage has been without ever since Crane took it during the 100th episode, and the Man of 1000 Deaths has inserted himself in the tug of war. Before the match began, Dario appeared and made his usual twist; stating that due to the match’s importance, there must be a definitive winner, so it will be an elimination match! The match, to no surprise, became increasingly violent, and even saw Crane stick several wooden blades on the top of Cage’s head, as well as Mil Muertes going through a pane of glass! Cage was set on putting Mil through a table, but thanks to Crane’s involvement, it later became a superplex that put all three of them through tables! After this, Cage took Crane in the ring and eliminated him, leaving himself and Mil Muertes.

The superheavyweights battled it out, but in the end, Mil Muertes took down The Machine, and is now the new owner of the Gauntlet of the Gods. We see Catrina, who went through a brutal battle with Ivelisse, bring in the Gauntlet, but as soon as the power was activated, King Cuerno returned and took down Mil Muertes! To add insult to injury and to cement the perfect payback, Cuerno took the Gauntlet from Mil and claimed it as his own!Image result for ultima lucha tres logo

After a lengthy video package, we finally get to the ultimate main event of the entire four week special! Title vs Career. Johnny Mundo vs Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship! Prince Puma won the Cueto Cup Tournament to finally get a chance at the title that he was the first to hold; the title that Mundo has held for a long time now. The stakes were raised to the highest level when Puma’s career was on the line. The referee was taken out, and as usual, that opened the door for Worldwide Underground to get involved. Jack Evans and PJ Black entering to help Mundo take down Puma, while Taya inserted referee Rick Knox to make the count. When Puma kicked out, WU took out Knox.

Just as they were about to deliver brutal chair shots to Puma, Angélico returned and took down WU, even causing Mundo to accidentally strike Taya! Even Rick Knox got involved and took down the rest of WU!! Despite all of the efforts, Puma’s pin attempt resulted in Mundo kicking out! Angélico managed to chase the WU cohorts away, and it is now back to a one-on-one match; no one at ringside. Mundo now has to rely solely on his ability, which he has a lot of, and it nearly got him a pair of winning falls. However, Puma was able to set up Mundo for the 630, and as a result, he regained the Lucha Underground Championship; becoming the first ever two time champion!!! More importantly, his career is saved!

Dario Cueto comes out and congratulates Puma for winning the title and keeping his career alive. However, the night isn’t done, as there’s one more match to go! Dario announced Puma’s opponent as none other than the Gift of the Gods Champion himself, Pentagon Dark! Of course, the Gift of the Gods Championship is similar to WWE’s Money In the Bank; it can be turned over into a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. And of course, Dario had yet another twist:  BOTH of their careers are on the line!

Within the first few moments of the match, Pentagon already broke the arm of Puma, leading to trainers coming out. Puma taped himself up and continued on, with Pentagon continuing to go for the throat in pursuit of his very first Lucha Underground Championship. Even with one arm, Puma managed to fight back and take down Pentagon, but only for a two count. The fight continued on, and during this battle, we see Vampiro appear to cheer on Puma, only to pull Pentagon out of the line of Puma’s 630 Splash, much to the extreme anger of Matt Striker. Pentagon later delivered the Package Piledriver to Puma, giving Pentagon his first Lucha Underground Championship! Vampiro cemented his reunion with Pentagon and put the title on his waist, with Puma left wondering what happened, as his career has come to an end.

We now go back to Puma walking outside and removing his mask, as his time in the temple has come to an end. We also see King Cuerno with the Gauntlet, another of his trophies. Sexy Star taking a photo op, only to receive a spider. Mascarita Sagrada with the Rabbit Club, Fenix driving away with Melissa Santos. Catrina and Jeremiah Crane, Kobra Moon punishing her henchmen. We later see Vampiro next to his own master, stating that he did was instructed, with his master saying that he’ll see Pentagon fall. And we see Rey Mysterio staring down Matanza through his cell. But the ultimate shocker comes at the end: Dario Cueto…SHOT! However, after his shooter leaves, Dario gets on the phone and attempts to call for help, but it’s too late.

Ummm…WHAT?! What a crazy way to end the third season of Lucha Underground! According to reports, to say Season Four is up in the air would be an understatement, but we have to believe that a fourth season will take place. It’s only a matter of when. Until that time comes, that is the Lucha Lowdown!

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