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Daniel Bryan brought a jam packed show to his hometown state of Washington this week. Smack Down was live from the Key Arena in Seattle, the venue that formerly was home to the Seattle Supersonics. I always liked that team. I won’t veer off topic much, since like I said this week’s show was loaded. Let’s start with the main storyline of the last Smack Down, Sami Zayn’s heel turn & renewed friendship with Kevin Owens.


The show began with Daniel The crowd chanted his name, “Welcome Home”, & of course, “YES! YES!”. After a quick rundown of tonight’s scheduled matches, Bryan wanted to address Sami Zayn & his actions at Hell In A Cell….

I thought Sami did a pretty good job here, even with his usual over-animation. It looks like this role is unnatural for him, but the “housewife” line, the “sellout” line, & the notion that he delivered to Bryan about working a smarter style to prolong his career were all very pointed comments. Sami needs to deliver those lines with more ferocity & be less whimsical. Circling back to the “sellout” comment, I thought the connection that was made between Daniel Bryan & The Authority was very well written. The line about Bryan becoming “the very thing he spent his entire career fighting against” was fantastic. Bryan eventually DID “find some dudes to punch them in the face” & here’s how he broke the news to Owens & Zayn:

The match was pretty good, but it seemed more like a pit stop along this storyline. Although, it did serve a meaningful purpose afterwards:

Oh boy. Shane is going to be none too happy with these two next week!  Will Nakamura & Orton just be 1 week fodder for Owens & Zayn or are there feuds to emerge from this?  Next week should hold some answers….


For months now, Jinder Mahal has held the WWE Championship. Most fans are aware of why this is. Finally, Mahal began his media tour in Mumbai & New Delhi to promote a WWE tour next month in India:

Perhaps his title reign is coming to an end soon. After the India tour, there is little incentive to keeping him as champion. One possible successor threw his name into the hat on Tuesday night….

Mahal was furious after this assault by Styles & immediately sought out Daniel Bryan to get some sort of resolution:

I loved this conclusion. Having Sanil fight A.J. next week, in the name of Jinder, made me laugh out loud. Another well written segment tonight that grabs hold of the viewer’s interest & gives us a reason to watch next week.


Speaking of grabbing the viewer’s interest…..United States champion, Baron Corbin:

He’s not very interesting. But his opponent tonight was! In a surprise twist, Sin Cara defeated Corbin via count out:

I believe “Sin Cara” means without face but weird eyeballs:


Since Hell In A Cell, The New Day & The Usos have put an end to their feud. It appears they are heading in separate directions. On Tuesday, the Usos were confronted by the new number one contenders to their titles: Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable.

I thought this was a meaningful, but not memorable segment. The promos for this match probably won’t be anywhere near as good as the match between these four competitors. As for The New Day, well they were off doing New Day things:


Hard to believe that the women of Smack Down have become less of a focal point by the writing staff. Seems like ever since Maryse, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, & Nikki Bella all left Smack Down that the division is less dynamic. That’s an odd observation when you consider that Smack Down added Charlotte & Lana to that mix. Both Charlotte & Lana were involved in a 6 woman tag match this week, that also featured Naomi, Becky Lynch, Tamina, & Natalya:

The steel chair moment after the bell was obviously a role reversal from last week & unfortunately I just really didn’t care that much. There’s very little steam to the Charlotte/Natalya feud from my vantage point. Maybe the intensity will heighten when Ric Flair becomes involved.


The Fashion Files were renamed this week to “Pulp Fashion” & contained some funny Easter eggs in the always scrutinized bulletin board material:

At least it’s keeping all of these guys on TV. Otherwise, the only time you would probably see them is at live events or to job for the elite tag teams at tapings.


Now for two things that you’ve already seen once, but apparently needed to see again this week. The first was a rematch from Hell In A Cell, Dolph Ziggler versus Bobby Roode.

Dolph’s stripped down entrance was omitted from this clip. Does anybody else think it’s weird that WWE’s production team digitally added a record needle scratching against a vinyl, to transition away from Dolph’s theme? Personally, I think it’s pretty stupid.


The other thing that you already saw was a Bludgeon Brothers promo last week, that featured both Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Bet you didn’t know that you wanted to see another one this week:

The only way I feel this repackaging with medieval style sledgehammers works is if their new theme song is performed by M.C. Hammer.


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