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3 Impacts From Impact

Bound For Glory is getting closer and closer, and Impact is preparing for their biggest event! What stood out the most in the antepenultimate show before BFG? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

When the dust settled, Johnny Impact once again stood alone as the #1 Contender for Eli Drake’s GFW World Title. Johnny faced off against Garza Jr for a shot at the title at Bound For Glory, and after a hard fought and intense contest, Johnny emerged victorious. What was supposed to be an interview conducted by Jim Cornette was abruptly halted due to Chris Adonis taking out Johnny from behind. Regardless, Johnny has second life in the World Title picture, and it looks like this time, he’ll take Eli to Slamtown and leave Canada’s Capital as World Champion. The question after that, though: who will step up against Johnny Impact?

When the Knockouts four way title contest was made, a question I couldn’t help but ask was, “What about Taya and Rosemary?” I figured that GFW had plans for the two of them to square off, and it was pretty much confirmed following Rosemary’s match. The Demon Assassin called out Taya, who acquiesced and entered the ring to face Rosemary. It appeared that Rosemary was set to unleash her mist to her foe, only for Taya to do just that to Rosemary, much to everyone’s shock. So it’s pretty safe to say that the Demon and the evil queen will do battle at Bound For Glory, but one has to believe that this won’t be a simple one-on-one match. I wouldn’t be surprise if these two compete in Full Metal Mayhem!

This may be an understatement, but LAX didn’t exactly take losing the tag titles to oVe very well. They took it out on Garza Jr weeks ago, and it was on the latest Impact that they decided to challenge oVe to a 5150 Street Fight. The match itself will be epic, but what I couldn’t help but love was Diamante getting physically involved in the segment. I hope BFG will see Nevaeh make an appearance alongside her husband and brother-in-law, to make things even and very interesting! We could see some mixed tag action as a result, even a one-on-one contest between Diamante and Nevaeh!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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