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The Pinstripe Post Umm.. Them YANKEES Win AGAIN???

Stated by many prognosticators and people that hate the Yankees for a living, the team was picked to pull up very lame in the AL East. The most forgiving being third.

OK, OK…. Yep the Yankees were “rebuilding.” Whatever that means. Obviously a trip to the ALCS wasn’t included when the team was studied by the powers that be. Not their fault but they weren’t doing EKG’s and looking into the HEARTS of this team. No psychologist had them on the couch looking at their motivation or how they would click as teammates and become part of something better.

This team has risen like a Phoenix. From the flames of earlier in the season when they couldn’t win a series and many doubted. Discounted. Gave up a lead in the east to a team that we dominated. Would that get them down? Nope. They battled back, didn’t give up, and earned the wildcard berth.

What team staves off FOUR elimination games and survives? I’d love to see the Vegas odds on that. Their best hitters being essentially quieted but others picking up the slack? Didi who… replacement for you know who … A fan favorite for MVP? Pitchers doing what they needed to do in spite of being unsuccessful previously? A manager who was highly criticized making magical decisions? No. It’s all a dream.

I just woke up from it and see that the NEW YORK YANKEES are indeed in the 2017 ALCS. Contrary to what early season “experts” thought. Contrary to what I thought. And to have watched the boys evolve, gel as a team and have their dreams come true is precious. And the best thing is that nothing was expected. It’s FUN!!! Baseball has become fun again and it’s not just about winning. It’s seeing this team evolve and have fun in the process.

It’s not over. Magic is coming to the Bronx. Magic. Don’t miss it.

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