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The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part III)

Welcome to Part III of The Ultima Lucha Lowdown!

Part III kicks off with the long awaited Last Luchadora Standing contest between Sexy Star and Taya, two women who have been at each other’s throats for so long! Taya has cost Sexy quite a bit this season, that and the recent real-life issues elsewhere have led to this match that should settle things between these two phenomenal women. To the surprise of no one, both women took this fight outside quickly, with Taya ramming Sexy’s back to the railing. The brutality plays an important role in this match, as the winner has to make sure that her opponent cannot answer the referee’s 10 count. We later see Sexy dish out some punishment of her own; ramming Taya’s face onto the gate. Taya’s already bleeding, but Sexy isn’t done, as she gets the table (in Dudley Boyz fashion) and rams Taya’s face on that as well! The table finally comes in to play, as Taya sent herself and Sexy through the table from the stairs! However, Sexy managed to barely beat the 10 count, and win the match, serving as the Last Luchadora Standing!

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Next up, the Trios Championship is on the line, with Vibora, Pindar, and Drago (with Kobra Moon) defending against the makeshift team of The Mack, Dante Fox, and Killshot. The Mack won this title opportunity last week during Part II of this event, but it was Dario Cueto who threw the proverbial curveball of teaming him with Fox and Killshot: two combatants who not only can’t stand each other, but went through hell in Part I of this fabulous event! However, winning can cure all ills, and the rivals worked together with Mack, who got into the match and brought the fight to Drago! Fox and Killshot came together to take down Vibora, only for Kobra Moon’s largest minion to fight back against the pair. Mack took down Vibora, and Fox and Killshot delivered an aerial assault to the champions! And in the end, a shocker: the unlikely trio won the titles! All Kobra Moon could do is stand in shock at what had occurred.

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The main event commences, and it is Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark facing off in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship! This match was made weeks ago after the traditional seven-way match ended with Havoc and Pentagon gaining pinfalls at the same time, prompting Dario Cueto to have the two of them face each other for the title. The title means a guaranteed shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, a title NEITHER combatant has ever held. For Pentagon, that title means he’s one win closer to pure dominance. For Son of Havoc, the title means he’s one win away from ultimate redemption. The two warriors put each other through hell to get the title, and in the end, Pentagon Dark climbed the ladder and took possession of the Gift of the Gods Championship!

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Next week, Ultima Lucha Tres concludes with Prince Puma fighting for his career and his second Lucha Underground Championship. We see the challenger with Vampiro, preparing him for his ultimate battle next week.

It all concludes next week! Until then!

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