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Just a few short days after Hell In A Cell (that seemed like a week), Smack Down was live from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both cell matches lived up to their hype at HIAC & much of the fallout was addressed in Grand Rapids. The first segment of the show was led by The Usos, who reclaimed their Smack Down Tag Team titles on Sunday in an entertaining, innovative cell match against The New Day. In fact, The Usos invited New Day to the ring tonight to show their respect to Kofi, Xavier, & Big E.  They all seemed to bury the hatchet in a ….Truce-O?

These 5 performers even make these same old, recycled segments become interesting. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched an A-B conversation between 2 Smack Down tag teams quickly morph into the entire tag team division on camera…but it’s a lot of times. A funny part of The Usos interaction with said tag team division, was not in this clip.  The teams were told to get to the “Back of the Line!” Instead, they competed in the aforementioned Fatal 4 way match to decide the number one contenders for the Smack Down tag team titles:

As expected, Gable & Benjamin were victorious. They will eventually challenge The Usos for the tag team titles. We also learned of another tag team that should make some waves within the division upon their return: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. They have been renamed as the Bludgeon Brothers….

Looks like they discovered World of Warcraft or something.


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn were given a chance to explain the ending to Sunday’s Hell In A Cell match with Shane McMahon, which if you haven’t yet seen Zayn rescue Owens from Shane’s incredible elbow drop….here you go:

That’still amazing for me to see, even though I have watched that an unhealthy amount of times. Shortly before that, Shane had sent Owens crashing through a table, from the cage:

That thumbnail above just shows how outrageous those spots really were. Owens appeared on Smack Down, still showing the effects of his Hell In A Cell match:

Ok, so now let’s get to Sami’s motivation for saving Owens. I think any fan would agree that Zayn needed a fresh coat of paint for his character. His in-ring work was phenomenal in NXT & he’s one of the best ever to compete there. Since moving to the main roster, Zayn has not been able to have those long one on one high stakes matches. Except against Owens, but even those matches were better on the pay-per-view events than on weekly TV. Plus, Zayn’s character was not compelling for TV. So someone at WWE decided to attach Sami to the hip of the Kevin Owens rocket ship & send him along for the ride. It’s probably the right move & Sami gave a list of reasons for his sudden change of heart:

This will undoubtedly be fascinating to watch evolve over the next few weeks, but I have more faith in attaching Zayn to Owens than letting Zayn get over on his own at this point.


Baron Corbin faced A.J. Styles in a rematch for the U.S. title & retained! With a clean win nonetheless!!

This seemed like the final encounter for these two, much like The Usos & New Day. Corbin looks like he will be champion for awhile, leaving Styles to challenge for the WWE title?  I don’t think any fans would argue with that booking.


Next week should provide more answers as to where Smack Down intends to head with their roster of superstars. Until then, thanks for reading!

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