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Top Ten Thursday; College Football

Another week of crazy games, and another Top Ten for the fans. There were a few shake-ups from this weeks game, so here’s the new Top Ten.


10. Miami

Last Week: NR

Last Game: Won 24-20 over Florida St.

Next Game: Postponed against Georgia Tech until October 14th.

The Hurricanes are looking to become the teams they used to be, and a solid win over Florida State has them on the track to be back to that.

9.   Ohio State

Last Week: #10

Last Game: Won 62-14 over Maryland

Next Game: 10/14 at Nebraska

The Buckeyes have only suffered one loss this season to Oklahoma, but their easy schedule for the rest of the first half so far has hurt their rankings through six weeks.

8. Washington State

Last Week: NR

Last Game: Won 33-10 over Oregon

Next Game: 10/13 at California

Ol’ Crimson flew high for it’s 200th College Gameday appearance this past weekend, and now the team it stands for is looking to make a statement in the PAC-12.

7. Wisconsin

Last Week: #6

Last Game: Won 38-17 over Nebraska

Next Game: 10/14 versus Purdue

The Badgers have not faced a Top 25 team this season yet, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. They have the luck of being in the weaker BIG-10 West Division this season.

6. TCU

Last Week: #8

Last Game Won 31-24 over West Virginia

Next Game: 10/14 at Kansas St.

The Horned Frogs now look to run the table in the BIG-12 and become a Play-off team. One loss could take them right out of the running though.

5. Georgia

Last Week: #7

Last Game: Won 45-14 over Vanderbilt

Next Game: 10/14 versus Missouri

The Bulldogs are looking like the second team to beat in the SEC, as they are off to a 6-0 start this season. If they continue their success in the second half of the season, it could lead to an epic showdown against Alabama.

4. Washington

Last Week: #5

Last Game: Won 38-7 over California

Next Game: 10/14 at Arizona St.

The Huskies control their own destiny in the PAC-12 right now, and a shot at the Play-offs. They win out in the second half and they could be one of the four teams battling for a National Title.

3. Penn State

Last Week: #4

Last Game: Won 31-7 over Northwestern

Next Game: 10/21 versus Michigan

The Nittany Lions now begin a brutal stretch of their schedule where they face Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State over a three week stretch. This will be a proving time for Penn State who has been fairly unmatched this season.

2. Clemson

Last Week: #2

Last Game: Won 28-14 over Wake Forest

Next Game: 10/13 at Syracuse

Clemson now takes on an easier schedule on paper for the second half of the season. The Tigers are looking continue their march for a second straight National Title.

1. Alabama

Last Week: #1

Last Game: Won 27-12 over Texas A&M

Next Game: 10/14 versus Arkansas

For the Crimson Tide, being held under 30 points for a game might not site well with Saban, who looks for perfection game in and game out. Now, they are just focused on making it to another SEC Championship game, and ultimately a National Title Game.

Dropping Out: #3 Oklahoma, #9 Michigan 

On the Cusp: Auburn

Marquee Game of the Week: Arkansas @ Alabama, 6:15 CT on ESPN 


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