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MLB Off-season 3-2 Count; Minnesota Twins

Baseball was a whole lot more fun for Twins fans in 2017 than 2016. A year after being literally baseball’s worst team with a whopping 103 losses, the Twins bounced back to reach the postseason, only to fall short in the Wild Card game.

Now we come to the off-season. But for fans, and especially for baseball writers, there is no off-season. As we wait to once again hear the crack of the bat in March, there is so much to do. So much speculation and rumors, so many hiring and firings and so many trades and free agents. Therefore, all the MLB writers from cleatgeeks are going to start the off-season with their favorite teams in a 3-2 count and try to predict and ponder if they strike out in the off-season or get on base.

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1) What does making the 2nd Wild Card team do for this franchise? Hopefully it speeds up the timetable of recovery to being a challenger to the Indians in the AL Central. A year ago, this team looked like it could be many years away from relevancy, but they made up ground in a big way.

2) Should Paul Molitor be Manager of the Year? Why? With three teams winning 100 games, plus the Indians making such a run in the last part of the season, it’s hard to rank Molitor ahead of all of those skippers. But he no doubt has done a heck of a job in a pretty short time.

3) What disappointed you most about the 2017 Twins season? It gets old seeing the Yankees end the Twins’ season, as has happened on occasion before. Even though this wasn’t your dad’s or even your big brother’s Yankees – as they were kind of an upstart themselves after a poor 2016 – it still stings to lose to those guys.


NOW THE 2……..

4) Did this season make you just chomp at the bit for next season? Why or why not? If they could start playing tomorrow I’d be excited. It honestly took a little of the fun of baseball away to see my favorite team be so terrible in 2016. Now it’s much more interesting, and maybe a chance to give Joe Mauer one or two more runs at it as his career starts to wind down.

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5) Keeping with the 3 and 2 theme; Give me the 3 untouchables this team should build around, and the 2 players you would like to see them either trade or let go if they are free agents? Why? Brian Dozier is just a solid hand to have around, makes things happen and is one of those glue guys. And obviously Mauer has been probably the most identified player with the franchise since Kirby Puckett three decades ago. Pitching is always at a premium on any roster. This team had a number of guys like Ervin Santana and Brandon Kintzler step forward in a big way this year but it’s hard to feel like they can all repeat it. So find some money to spend on an arm or two and see if you can keep up with the Indians, a tall order, but it’s the challenge that’s there. And while you’d hate to see anyone go, there could be some value in moving a Brian Castro or even a Miguel Sano.

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